Flash 6

480 words

He thrust into her with such vigor the bed scraped across the hardwood floor. The force behind each push, his cock penetrating as though he wanted to split her in two, communicated his anger.

The painful grip of his hand in her hair kept her exactly where he wanted her. The sharp arch of her spine, her chest pressed into the mattress, her neck forced back, were signs of his control over her.

“You fucking bitch.” He hissed the words with each thrust, eliciting a cry from her.

She gripped the sheets in a vain attempt to keep herself stable. Her breasts chafed and her neck ached from the strain of his hold. And her pussy…

“Listen to how wet you are, you little slut. You like it when I fuck your pussy like the dirty bitch you are. You’re a nasty slut who doesn’t listen.”

Her moan was strangled in response. She squeezed her eyes shut as his words sent ripples through her body that she tried desperately to control. If he knew how close she was, he’d stop and leave her hanging on the edge.

“Uh uh.” He pulled out with a wet slurp, making her cry from the loss. “Bad sluts don’t get to cum.”

He palmed her cunt, getting his hand nice and wet before slathering it all over her ass. She started squirming in earnest when she realized his intent, but he held her fast. One thick finger slid in to the knuckle and she gasped at the sensation.

“Oh no you don’t. This asshole is mine and you know it. You’ll love having me buried deep inside.”

Her hair was released and she pressed her cheek to the bed as he hoisted her hips up. The head of his cock rested at her back hole for only a moment before the burn of him pushing in made her tighten up with a gasp. She mumbled her discomfort knowing he wouldn’t listen.

A slap to her flank shook her. It was enough of a distraction to allow him to slide in to the hilt. The burn was almost too much, but he did something she never expected. One finger sought out and found her clit and began a rough dance as he fucked her ass. He’d make her enjoy it in every way.

“You don’t get to cum,” he whispered into her ear as he took her brutally. “You’re here for my pleasure, to receive my jizz, and you’ll like it ’cause you’re a good little slut.”

She stared unseeing at the bed post, her body hot and throbbing with both pleasure and pain beneath him. He would wear her down, break her so she craved this, and she wanted him to.

“Aren’t you?” He sank his teeth into her shoulder, rocketing her to a level that nearly made her come.

“Yes,” she replied in a broken whisper. “Yes.”


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