Whatever you want

a photo of Cara facing backwards, wearing red fishnets

Woke up thinking about this. Whatever this is

“Whatever you want, I’d like you do whatever you want to me.”

I speak the words across the phone line to you. Whisper soft, but urgent just to hear your breathing pick up.

“I want whatever you want. Crave it. What will you do when I see you next?”

You don’t speak, but I just hear the rasp of your zipper, the rustle of your clothes.

“Will you…” I lick my lips and press my hand between my thighs. “Tie me tight to the bed, spread my legs w and fuck my cunt? I want to beg for each thrust. I want to beg to be filled.”

You groan as I speak, a sound that vibrates across the line and has me pressing the heel of my hand against my clit.

“Any hole? Maybe my mouth first or my ass. My ass…” soft sounds reach my ears and I know what you’re doing. I can’t resist slipping my hand under my panties.

“Press me into the bed. No, against the wall. Hold me there as you take whatever implement you want to my ass. Make me ask for each smack, count them out, and push my ass back for more. I want that.”

My breathing is as harsh as yours. My fingers deep in my cunt.

“I want it. I want to spread my hot cheeks for you and guide your cock into my ass. I want you to sink your teeth into my neck and push passed my body’s resistance.”

“God.” You growl.

“Whatever you want, no matter how hard and filthy, I want it. I’ll beg for it.”

You moan low and I match yours with a moan of my own, my cunt spasming around my fingers.

“I’ll make sure you do. Soon.” His words make me long for our meeting.


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