Town Use

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Mary was in trouble and she knew it.

She’d been disrespectful to her husband, spending money recklessly, and causing a scene outside the house. Her husband could’ve punished her privately, but her behavior – and subsequent destruction of her neighbor’s property during her fit – earned her something a little more public.

They lived in a very strict disciplinarian community. Women were to obey their husbands. It was nothing to see a woman over a man’s knee being spanked in the middle of town.

Most men disciplined their wives at home to varying degrees. You were to never abuse her, but everyone understood that a firm hand was necessary to keep a wife in line.

Thomas and Mary were new residents of the town. It was a sharp learning curve for both of them.

As Mary followed behind her husband to the center of town, she knew this was more then her standard punishment.

People were already gathered when they approached the platform with the stocks. Thomas knew her well because he dropped back to her side and guided her forward with a firm hand on the back of her neck. She would’ve run otherwise, of that there was no doubt.

He guided her up the stairs and held her steady as the mayor approached to read out her crimes.

“Here we have Mary Dansk. She’s been charged with disobeying, causing a public scene, destruction of property, and general bad behavior.”

Two women approached her and began removing her clothing. She would’ve fight, but Thomas’s hand at her neck warned her to obey. She realized she shouldn’t add to her punishment by being stupid.

“Her sentence is a day of town use.”


Thomas shook her, silencing her protests. The mayor continued on as though she hadn’t spoken.

“She will be placed in stocks and of use to anyone in town until five pm this evening. Mr. Franklin has first right of use.”

The women unlocked the stocks, lifting the bar so that Thomas could guide her in. It shut over her head and hands, the lock secured so she couldn’t get out.

Mary shook with nerves as the reality of her situation sank in.

Mr. Franklin approached from the crowd. He was an older, burly man. His bulk was trending towards softening with his age and his hair was receding. He held a thin rattan cane in his hand as he walked up on stage, the sight of which made Mary’s knees knock.

He disappeared behind her and then there was a bear of silence.

“Do I have your permission to fuck her when I’m done?”

Thomas didn’t even hesitate in his answer.

“Only her ass or her mouth.”

The breath she was holding rushed out of her as the first strike landed. He paused and opened her butt cheeks, making sure to press that line of fire on her ass when he did. When he pressed a thumb into her asshole, Mary groaned.

“Maybe I’ll use both. Replacing that window is going to cost me.”

No, it was going to cost her

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