Shall I take her, My Lord?

Book of secrets


The utter disbelief in his voice would’ve made her laugh if the situation wasn’t so completely insane.

“We are in the book. In it.”

“Don’t be silly.”

She needed her hands free, but he was making no move to release her. His attention seemed to have shifted back to her exposed ass and cunt. Kelly could practically hear his mind shift to sex.

“Listen, dipshit. We are stuck in the book I was reading when you walked into the break room. You have to let me up so we can figure our way out of this.”

“Nonsense. And I’m really not pleased with your language. Remember I told you when I captured you, you will respect me or I will discipline you.”

“Oh fuck off.”

Kelly reared up when she felt the cane land on her ass. She moaned even as the pain made her squirm. Jay’s fingers caressed her hot bottom making her mind scramble. His fingers trailed down, dipping below the curve of her ass to tease her labia.

“Jay.” His name left her lips in a choked sigh. “Jay, focus for a moment and listen to me.”

“I’m focusing. I’m focusing on your very wet cunt.” He pinched her clit and then parted her labia.

For fuck’s sake. Kelly needed her mind clear so she could think. She needed to figure out what was going on and how to get them out of whatever they were in. She needed…

“Fuck.” She practically keened when he thrust two thick fingers inside. “Me.”

“Since you asked so nicely.”

She heard the rustling of fabric, her hips trying desperately to move with his fingers. All sane thoughts were leaking out of her brain as her need centered around what was happening between her legs.

When his fingers disappeared, Kelly growled in anger. That growl was cut short when she felt the head of his cock just tease her opening.

“How badly do you want it?”

His voice sounded different. Less like his obvious Midwestern accent and more European. It shook Kelly out of her sexual stupor. She glanced back. Jay was still himself, but he wasn’t.

The gypsy’s words came back, renewing her desperation over their situation. They were trapped. Would they become the characters? Jay certainly was taking on the character role of the strict baron. If she remembered from the excerpt, next came some pretty hardcore BDSM. Kelly couldn’t decided if she wanted it or not.

“Jay. Listen to me,” She pleaded. “I need you to untie me. We need both of our brains working or we’re not getting out of here.”

He chose that moment to drive his cock home and Kelly’s eyes rolled back in her head. Oh god that felt good. She hadn’t been filled up in a long time. For once her mind was struggling to stay focused on a book.

“That’s better.” He pulled out and then slammed back in. The wooden structure she was on scraped on the floor. “I see I’ll have to fuck you often to keep that mouth closed.”

Kelly was a bundle of sensation. He wrapped a hand in her long hair and pulled her head back. She hissed at the pain, her cunt spasming around him.

“Isn’t this better than fighting me?”

His other hand clapped down on her upturned ass and Kelly just exploded.

She mewls as she comes hard around him, her hands pulling and her body arching. He released her hair, pressing into her lower back so her ass tilted higher, and fucked her through her spasms.

“Fill you with so much come you’ll drip with it. I’ll put a baby in your belly and then you’ll be mine. All mine to own.”

Who even talked like that? Talk about shaking her out of the haze.


He placed a hand over her mouth to stop her words. She felt his cock grow inside and then felt the pulse of it as come spurted inside.

“Heavy with my child.” He gasped out. “Mine.”

Kelly wasn’t sure if she was thinking like the heroine in the story or not. Her mind hovered between stark indignation and her own secret pleasure to be his. She definitely wasn’t thinking about getting out. No, she’d much rather he filled her with come again.

“My Lord. Your Ladyship wishes to speak with you.”

A voice sounded behind them.

“What the fuck?” That earned her a sharp slap on her flank. She kept her mouth shut, too embarrassed by her nudity.

If she expected him to pull out and attempt to cover her, she was mistaken. He was still semi-hard, the come leaking out, and instead held her hips and moved slowly inside her. It kept her right on edge.

“Tell her I am occupied with a prisoner.”

Kelly grit her teeth. Between her rapidly growing anger, him keeping her on the razors edge of coming again, and the continued strangeness of the situation, she was on the verge of blowing her top.

“Shall I finish for you?”

She meeped. He wouldn’t dare, would he? She didn’t want to acknowledge the small part of her that wanted to be shared. That had to be the character filtering in, right?

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He gripped her hips hard as he continued to rock into her. It was a moment of pause where her heart raced as she waited for him to decide. “No, bring me the softer bindings, I will see her up to my rooms and placed in the cage by my bed.”

“But Her Ladyship-”

“Will just have to wait. If she can keep a man in her rooms, then I will take the spoils of war that I find.”

He withdrew and she whimpered softly. He unbound her from the ropes, massaging her wrists and legs before guiding her off the crude wooden horse.

“The bindings, Hock.”

Jay turned her to face the man who had entered the dungeon, making sure she could see the man’s face. Hock was plainly dressed, wearing a nicer pair of trousers and vested shirt, but not of the same quality as a man of a higher status. His skin was milky white as though he didn’t go out in the sun and his hair was jet black. If she didn’t know the basis of the book well, she’d wonder if he was a vampire and this was a paranormal romance.

His eyes were strange though, too dark and searching. Kelly did not feel comfortable under his gaze. She didn’t remember the role he played in the book from the blurb, but she was really wishing she had tried harder to get the advanced readers copy now.

“Arms behind your back.” She didn’t move when he instructed. Jay leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Hock likes to hurt women. He wants to hurt you, but I do not believe you’d enjoy the ways he’d do so. Give me your hands or I will allow him to escort you to his rooms instead of mine.”

Her hands were behind her back so fast she nearly throw out her shoulder. The soft binding was looped tightly around her wrists. He threaded the rope between her thighs next, then around her waist until her breasts were displayed for Hock.

“Shall I take her, My Lord?”

Kelly danced on her bare feet, the cold from the stone floor creeping up her body. Fear made her leery of the man who stood at the door. He looked strong beneath his fancier clothing, dangerous. Kelly had read enough extreme BDSM books to know how he good hurt her, ways that would damage her.

“No, please.”

She could tell he liked her nervous fear. His nostrils flared as though he could scent it on her.

“I will escort her.” The possessive tone in Jay’s voice made her far happier than it should have. He wrapped a hand around her throat so her chin tilted up. “She’s mine, Hock. Remember that.”

“As you wish, My Lord.” The other man gave a nod thought Kelly didn’t believe for one second she was safe from him.

“Let’s go.” He pushed her forward.

“Wait. Do I not get clothing?”

“Slaves do not deserve clothing, they earn them with service. You will not be cloth because I enjoy your nakedness, it pleases me.”

Was he serious? The book had done a number on him and she wasn’t sure if she’d get him to snap out if it.

He slapped her ass, propelling her forward. She sputtered in anger, but the threat of Hock got her moving.

When they got out of this fucking book, Kelly was going to kill him.

Jay felt like he was watching everything from a distance. Admittedly, he really enjoyed caning and spanking Kelly’s plump little ass. It wasn’t something he’d ever really done outside of a smack during sex, but this had filled him with such energy he wanted to keep going. Add fucking her to the experience and he felt like he was floating.

Except he’d stopped being in control just when she said they were in the book.

Something was guiding him along, like he was following a script. That didn’t explain the rage he felt when the valet appeared or the possessive desire that flooded him as he marched Kelly naked through the castle.

He wanted to bend her over the moment they walked into his extra lavish suites, the big bed the perfect place to continue with his earlier desire to put a baby in her belly.

It wasn’t until he was guiding a stiff Kelly into a cage near the foot of his bed and padlocking her in that he snapped out of it. Put a baby in her belly? Wanting to possess her? Fucking hell, where were these thoughts coming from?

“Kelly, what is going on?”

He stood confused as she rattled the cage. “Are you finally with it? The gypsy, Jay. She said I’d fall into a book until I found what I needed.”

It didn’t explain why he was there.

He didn’t want to believe her, but nothing else could explain this weird ass situation he’d found himself in. “So how do we get out of here?”

She looked worried for a moment. “I don’t know. We may have to go on until the book is finished.”

Her worry amplified both his own concern and his need to protect her.

“We’ll figure it out.”

Her smile gave him strength. God, he wanted to move mountains for her. What the hell was wrong with him?

“Can you let me out?”


His words were cut off by the scream of rage outside of his door.

“Julius. I demand you attend to me now or I will burn this castle to the ground.”

Jay lost some of the focus of before, disconnecting from his body. He watched as he turned away from a wide eyed Kelly and exited to deal with his wife. The Baroness of Teachout.


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