Would not reread.

Book of secrets

Kelly loved a good book, but this being in the book nonsense? Utter bullshit.

Jay had disappeared out of the bedroom, leaving her in this cage, forgotten like a bad puppy. She sat back on her heels glad there was at least a small rug to keep her from being on hard floor.

A worry she was trying desperately to ignore was the part of the gypsy’s message about being lost until she found what she was looking for. What, Kelly wondered, was she looking for? She had a sneaking suspicion she couldn’t find it in this book, which meant what she told Jay about them having to stay until the book was over was most likely true.

She looked around the room, floundering for a solution that would get them both out of the story intact. The end result was love, because Kelly preferred happily ever afters. It was the middle bit she wasn’t so sure about. There was promise of hardship and possible death that could drive them apart before they came back together.

There was always some kind of built in loophole when it came to books. That’s how this stuff always worked. The heroine always came up with some kind of way out of trouble. Fuck the man saving the day, Jay was useless to her right now anyway. Kelly was going to have to come through on her own.

The bed was to her left and she wished she could climb in it. It was a huge antique style four-poster bed with the curtains tied to the posts on either side. The rest of the room was done in dark colors. Strangely, this room looked exactly how she pictured Jay’s bedroom looking. Large, sparsely furnished, but with lush coverings.

She wondered if it smelled of him? Musky and woodsy, tinged in sweat and the leftover smell of warm man, and sleep.

Post-orgasm lethargy hit her, leaving her too foggy to think. It was warm in the room with a fire going in the fireplace to her right.

Maybe she needed a moment to sleep. Clarity always manifested after a little bit of rest, right?

Kelly lay down on her side, curling her legs up and putting her back toward the fire. She pillowed her head in her hands and closed her eyes. Two seconds and she was out.

“He does have good taste in women.”

It was a woman’s voice that drew her out of her sleep. Kelly lay still, on alert, but trying to get her bearings again.

“I knew the very moment you entered the house. It was like a disturbance in the atmosphere. Someone to steal my title.”

A fingernail scraped down her back, forcing her to arch away. Kelly rolled over and scooted to the corner of the cage.

She flipped her hair from her eyes and met the amber eyed gaze of a woman with hair the same color of the flames in the fireplace.

Regal. That’s what Kelly thought as the woman approached. Her breasts pushed against the brocade panel of her dress when she drew in a breath and Kelly’s mouth wet dry. The flare of her hips as they swayed made her clench.

“Hello, pretty girl. Has he brought you here to play with?”

Her throaty purr made Kelly’s nipples tighten. She definitely had never had a thing for women, but something about this one apparently made her body take notice.

“Who are you?”

“Julius didn’t tell his new slave about his wife? How naughty of him.”

She didn’t know it was possible to be jealous of and attracted to someone at the same time. It made her super defensive.

“Julius was too busy fucking me to make introductions.”

Her laughter had such a strange effect on Kelly. The tinkling sound danced along her nerve endings and made her cunt wet.

“Aren’t you a bad girl.” She came a little closer, crouching down so they were eye to eye.

“That’s me; bad ass.”

“Oh I like you.” The woman produced a key from the depths of her cleavage. “Would you like to come out and play, kitty?”

Kelly wasn’t sure that was a good idea. This woman, whom she realized was the baroness, had danger written all over her. Maybe it was better to stay in the cage and wait for Jay to get back.

“Surely you’d rather come out here?”

A strong urge to be free overcame over. She nodded and the lock released with a quiet click. The door opened and a long finger beckoned her out. Kelly approached the door and was shocked when the woman pulled her out by her hair.

Kelly was pushed to her knees, her head held still as the woman hiked up her dress. The grip on her hair prevented her from moving as flame colored pubic hair was revealed. Plump lips peeked out, making her mouth water. She wanted to lean in so she could lick and taste and eat.

“He’s always bringing home strays. I hate strays.” That sweet voice was harsh, the hand in her hair unforgiving.

“I’m happy to leave if you’d like.”

Even with the mounting tension, Kelly didn’t want to leave. With her eyes focused on the present in front of her, she’d much rather be right there.

“So easily distracted. Not a thought in that pretty little head of yours except where you want your mouth to be, huh? No wonder he snatched you up and brought you home.”

Her head was pulled close and for a brief moment Kelly let herself get lost in exploring something she never would in real life. Her tongue darted out and lapped up tangy cream. Kelly licked at her clit and savored the woman’s taste as well as her moan.

“Such an easy little pet. I’m glad he found you. It’s sad I can’t let him keep you.”

Why does everyone in this story have to say things that reminder her she wasn’t in reality.

Kelly pulled at the hand gripping her. She wasn’t this person. She didn’t get sucked into thinking about sex the moment someone flashed their genitalia at her. Kelly was the exact opposite which helped get her mind back in gear.

“I need to get out of here.”

The way the baroness’s face contorted made Kelly want to fight harder. For a moment, she saw the gypsy’s face overlaid in the Baroness’s.

“No one said anything about leaving. I’ll have to dispose of you properly. Can’t have you returning.”

“Let me go, witch. I want to go home.”

Amber eyes narrowed on her. “You’ll go when I say you can go. You wanted to get lost and lost you are.”

Kelly knew she wasn’t dealing with the baroness then. The gypsy was up to something evil. She really need Jay back.

“If you want out, you’ll play by my rules, little girl. This is the tale you wanted.”

Was this what she’d wanted? No, she wanted fun and love and happily ever after. Her face in someone’s cunt wasn’t necessarily out of line, but it certainly wasn’t how she pictured things.

“This isn’t what I wanted.” Kelly was sure about that.

The woman smiled. “No? Perhaps a different book will suit.”

“A different book?”

Kelly was pushed to the ground, the baroness standing over her.

“You’re only getting what you asked for, my dear. Enjoy it.”

She vanished leaving Kelly there stunned.

Just as Kelly was contemplating what to do next, a hand wrapped around her arm and pulled her to her feet. She was drawn back into strong arms and knew immediately they didn’t belong to Jay.

“His Lordship will meet his end very soon. It’s only right to take possession of his property before anyone else does.”

Hock’s voice in her ears filled her with dread.

“I’m no one’s property.” She just managed to keep the fear out of her voice.

He palmed her breast, squeezing hard enough to bruise. “You’re my property now.”

Kelly had visions of all the awful things he planned to do to her if he got her alone

As he pulled her from the room, taking a hidden passage opposite of where Jay brought her in, Kelly was already crafting her book review.

Did not enjoy. Too much pawing at the heroine and not enough sex with the male lead. The language left a bit to be desired and the Baroness is a stone cold bitch with beautiful hair. Would not reread. 

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