A knight in shining armor

Book of secrets

For the first time in her life as a dedicated reader, Kelly was hating a book.

She didn’t think hate was even a strong enough word to describe how she felt. One thing was for sure, she wasn’t a fan of this part of history.

Kelly was naked, cold, and being forced to ride behind a guy that gave her the creeps. She was shocked he hadn’t made her ride in front of him, breasts out and his dick poking at her ass. That’s how it usually went when the douchebag bad guy kidnapped the girl. Guess he was sparing her that much trauma. For now.

As it was, she was so cold she was burrowing into his back just so she wouldn’t freeze to death. Between that and the leather of the saddle rubbing in the worst possible way, Kelly was ready to lose her mind.

Hock had tied her hands around his front preventing her from rolling off the horse. On what planet would Kelly even think about doing that? She’d rather ride to her possible rape than fling herself off a horse.

Get her out of this fucking book already.


The room was empty when Jay returned. If he was honest, he’d known the moment she’d left the castle, something jolting him to awareness again.

It took time to break away from his “wife” she railed at him for bringing the woman into the house. He didn’t fail to mention to her the men she took as her paramours. She’d embarrassed him with her affairs for far too long and he was tired of it.

Fuck. That was the book talking.

When he finally returned to the room, he knew something was wrong. He may not be a book reader, but he knew a bad guy always took the girl. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Hock could very well be the bad guy in this sexscapade.

Being a knight in shining armor sounded awesome right about now. Maybe Kelly would be so overcome with gratefulness she’d be up for another round in the dungeon before they found their way back to the break room.

Jay just had to figure out where Hock could’ve gone. Something told him his dear “wife” may be the person to ask. Unfortunate, as that meant he’d have to talk to her again.

Time was of the essence in the damsel saving business. He couldn’t let a conversation with the most unpleasant woman in the world prevent him from getting in Kelly’s pants.

“Be brave.” He gave himself that pep talk before leaving his room again.

He walked down to the gathering room, the place he’d left her at during their earlier talk. She was, as expected, not there. Because that would’ve been far to easily.

Jay didn’t want to go to her rooms because that would be an invitation. Instead he canvassed the castle grounds searching for her instead. Finally, when it became obvious he couldn’t avoid it any longer, he backtracked and climbed the stairs to her rooms in the opposite wing of the castle.

From his knowledge of being in the book, Jay knew he had been married to Patrice for five long years. It was a marriage of pure convenience and the combining of family fortunes. The times and his family had dictated who he married, and like the dutiful first born he’d always been, he’d apparently married her.

Doing his duty turned out to be the worst mistake his character could make. Patrice was beautiful with her bright red hair and Snow White skin, but she was a heartless bitch of the highest order.

Initially, they’d had a tentative relationship, but things had disintegrated after her first miscarriage. He’d tried consoling her, but she’d turned cold and mean. The first time she took a lover, he let it go, but when she flaunted scores men in his face – in public- he’d become less forgiving.

The funny thing was, Patrice still believed him to be hers. She’d send a lover off and then appear in his rooms smelling of sex with come dripping down her thighs. She’d try to entice him to do his duty, but Jay refused to play the fucking cuckold.

All that information running through his head made him ten times more reluctant to deal with her now.

Their earlier interaction, where she’d demanded he give her a child or she’d leave, had exhausted him. He’d wanted to be with Kelly, but he had to keep Patrice happy.

Man, he was glad this wasn’t a time he had to really live in because all this “doing his duty” shit was for the birds.

Jay hesitated before knocking on the wooden door. There was a long pause, so long he nearly left, before he heard her call out.

“Come in, Julius.”

He didn’t know how she knew it was him, but she’d always had a tendency toward an almost precognition.

When he entered, the first thing he noticed was the smell of flowers. It smelled similar to Kelly, which roused his cock to semi hard.

It took him a beat or two more before he found Patrice in the room. She was stretched out on the white rug, near to the fireplace, facing the dancing flames. Her bare skin gleamed in the light.

Jay had to admit, Patrice was beautiful. She was curvy with an ass he wanted to sink his teeth into. She peeked over her shoulder at him, her eyes dropping to the slight bulge in his trousers.

“I knew you’d come visit me as soon as I got rid of your pet.”

His lips thinned in anger. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Patrice? I’ve watched you flaunt every single one of your lovers and the moment I take one you pull a stunt like this?”

“Oh, Julius, don’t be mad.” She rolled over and moved to her knees. “I don’t want to fight.”

Her eyes were a caramel color now, lust dancing in the depths of them. She moved closer to where he stood, her face level with his crotch.

“I’ve always been yours, silly boy. You can’t replace me because I’m all you need.”

Talk about obsessive girlfriend alert. The man in this story really needed to get the fuck out before this turned into Fatal Attraction. Good thing she didn’t cook the meals or he’d end up with poison in his food.

She reached for his waist, her hands undoing the lacings before he could bat her hands way. His cock bobbed up and she had a firm grip around the base. Jay’s breath caught as she slid her hand to the head then leaned forward to lap at the tip.

“I don’t have time for your games, Patrice. You know why I’m here and it’s not for you to tease.”

“I’d never tease, Julius. Never.”

Her eyes glowed as she stared up, her lips parted and wet. They were so plump and ready to engulf him.

“Just tell me what I want, Patrice. Don’t make this hard.”

She licked him again and then gave him a coy smile. “Oh, it’s already hard.”

He wasn’t given a chance to reply. Her lips closed around him, swallowing down until her nosed pressed into his pubes.

“Fuck,” he hissed.

Jay hadn’t been sucked like that in a while. Her mouth was tight, wet, and drew all his functioning brain cells right down to his cock.

She pulled back with a gasp before diving back down.

This was a distraction. Always a distraction with this one. It may not work well on his character, but it worked pretty damn well on him. It worked so well, he wrapped a fist in her long hair and concentrated on fucking her delicious mouth.

“So easily distracted.”

The gypsy’s voice shook him out of his stupor. He looked around, but she wasn’t anywhere in the room.

Jay tugged hard at the hair in his hand, holding Patrice’s mouth just away from his cock. He held it at the base, teasing her it.

“Where has Hock taken Kelly?”

The way her body undulated, her tongue reaching toward him, but unable to touch. He bounced it off her lips, pulling it back before she could curl her tongue around the head.

“Do you want it, Patrice?” She nodded as best as she could with his grip on her hair. “Then tell me what I want to know.”

Her lust drunk eyes followed his cock as he moved it above her face. “I can’t say for sure, but my guess he’s taken her to Winston House.”

“And what of his intentions?”

“Don’t be stupid, Julius. You know Hock’s intentions. He will use her and dispose of her.”

Winston House was at least a half days ride and they had a few hours lead on him. He had to scan his mind to even figure out where it was located plus saddle a horse.

Jay realized things were urgent. He didn’t doubt that the book wouldn’t stop her from being killed or severely hurt. Kelly was in real danger if he didn’t get his ass in gear.

He released his grip on Patrice’s, his mind intent on saving Kelly before it was too late. She swooped in, her mouth latching on to his still hard cock.

“Please, Julius.”

Her hands gripped his hips, her eyes molten as she stared up at him. For a moment, his cock wanted to get the better of him. She mesmerized him.

“Please,” she whispered in the sultry voice of hers.

“You’re not who I want, Patrice.” He said exactly what was on his character’s heart next. “You never were.”

The crushed look on her face would’ve swayed him if he didn’t know her heart was black. The loss of a child could do many things to a person, but she’d never been good. Not once in their whole marriage.

He tucked his cock back in his trousers, turning to leave before she could stop him.

Out in the hallway, Jay felt a weird sense of peace come over him. His character would figure his crazy wife out later. Right now, he needed to save Kelly.

He was most of the way to the stables when it hit him. He had no idea how to dress or ride a horse. His little rescue mission would really benefit from a car right about now.


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