Read. Definitely read.

Book of secrets

“You will do the things you’ve never done to have the woman you least expect.”

It was twenty-four hours later and he was still thinking about what the crazy gypsy lady had said last night. Things he’d never done? Jay wasn’t sure what that meant.

When the gypsy asked him what he wanted, Kelly had popped into his mind out of the blue. It was strange, considering how things had rapidly cooled down between them

When he tried to get the woman to clarify, all she said was, “Go read a book, you idiot.”

Jay had stepped out of the tent and Kelly had been there with a look of apprehension on her face. He’d felt a jolt of something that throw him off. His mind had strayed away from thoughts of slipping between her thighs to other places. Oh, he would have loved to push that short skirt up and taste her, but he could picture other fun things with her like a picnic or a hike up his favorite trail.

“What did she say?”

He’d told her some gobbledygook, but he wasn’t sure. Her words meant something and there was something in the air between them now that hadn’t been there at dinner. Well, not since he told her he didn’t like to read.

Disappointment had hit him when he’d watched her face close down after he told her that. Admittedly, he’d been hoping they’d end up back at one of their places. From the moment the door had opened at Claire’s, he’d wanted to kiss those pouty lips.

Claire was an old friend of his, one he used to get together with for a fuck when the mood struck. They’d both moved on, but she texted occasionally to catch up. When she’d sent a photo of a fresh faced Kelly, he’d been game for one date. What would it hurt? He’d end up getting laid if he played his cards right.

She was pretty and interesting, and she actually made him think. Few women took the time to listen to him, they heard what he did and assessed his worth before paying attention.

Kelly was different, which made the cooling off later in the evening tougher than he realized. He figured it just wasn’t going to work out though his disappointment was palpable.

Then the gypsy that thrown him a mental curve ball he couldn’t figure out.

Jay should be concentrating on his major client. He had to work out negotiations for a coming contract, including some complex paperwork so his client got all the stipulations they’d asked for at the last meeting.

Except he was thinking about Kelly.

Pushing aside his work, he looked up the address for the bookstore she worked at. It was within walking distance of his office. Maybe he could get a recommendation from her for a good book.

Jay tried to tell himself it was friendly. They could grab a quick bite for lunch and just chat. There was no tamping down the buzz of excitement he felt at getting to see her again, and at possibly discovering a little more.

Talk about a terrible night’s sleep.

Kelly had to drag herself out of bed the next morning after a night of weird dreams. Some where nightmares of books chasing her down and falling on top of her, crushing her to death. Another that was an intensely sexual scene where Jay held her down and gave her the sex she’d been reading about in her erotic novel.

Many of the dreams last night were just confusing, shapeless voids that made her toss and turn.

To say she needed a cup of coffee desperately was the understatement of the week.

She ignored the twenty-five texts from Ashley and Claire, not up to hearing them moan about her not managing to get laid.

The plus was that today was not a day she had classes at the university. Spending an entire day sitting through lectures would have killed her.

Kelly was responsible for opening up the bookstore at eight-thirty and was surprised when a line greeted her along the sidewalk leading to the door. It dawned on her that today was the pre-release sale of the newest novel by one of her favorite romance authors. Apparently, she was a favorite of a lot of people.

Opening up the doors, Kelly juggled her coffee as people rushed in past her. It’ll be a good day for the store, but a long day for her.

A few hours passed of steady business that kept her mind off of a number of things. A coworker showed up right at eleven-thirty with a fresh cup of coffee for her.

“Oh, Paris, you’re a life saver.”

Paris scanned the crowd of people filling the store. “Busy morning?”

“Pre-sale day. Plus another book dropped that I’d forgotten about. We’ve been busier then normal.”

They both knew how tough it was working the store alone especially when it was busy.

“You want your thirty now?”

“God, yes. I’ve had to pee for the last hour and this is the first moment someone hasn’t had a question about the difference between romance and erotic fiction.”

“There’s far more dick involved.” Paris pushed the coffee toward Kelly. “Go eat or read or whatever you do when you’re not at the desk.”

Read. Definitely read.

Kelly picked up her coffee, as she left the desk she grabbed a copy of the newer historical BDSM novel she’d been eyeing. Thirty minutes of the hot sex she didn’t get last night and coffee? Yes please.

The moment she touched the book, Kelly got the huge jolt like she’d gotten when she touched the gypsy last night. She nearly dropped it as tingles raced up her arm.


Walking to the back to the tiny break room, she took a seat on the couch. The book sat on her lap as she took a sip of her coffee. Excitement filled her stomach with butterflies. She loved the feeling she got right before she started a new book, that bubble of excitement.

She just opened to the first chapter, her fingers caressing the page when Jay walked in.


She felt weird all of a sudden. The room seemed to sway and turn as Jay walked toward her. Concern was written on his face, but she couldn’t focus to respond.

“Are you alright?”

His voice sounded distant and stretched out. She felt his hand touch her arm and then a jolt that knocked her into unconsciousness.


It was chilly in the break room. Who turned the air on? Her whole body felt like it was covered in goosebumps.

“Kelly, wake up.”

She didn’t want to wake up. She wanted a blanket and for someone to turn the heat up. Maybe she could have a little coffee to take the chill off.

The sound of something connecting with flesh reached her ears mere seconds before a line of fire rose up on her bum.

Her eyes popped right open along with her mouth.

“Son of a bitch,” she hissed out.

“That’s a filthy mouth you have on you, little girl.”

It took her far too long to regain her focus. When she did, she realized things weren’t quite right.

For a start, she was not in the break room any longer. She was draped over one of those crude spanking horses, her arms and legs tied down. She was also stark naked. Like nipples tight, ass hanging out, cunt exposed, naked.

Cunt? She never said stuff like that even to herself.

Another line of fire fell on her ass and she said some words that would curl her mother’s hair. What was going on?

Glancing back, she found Jay standing behind her holding a rattan cane. He was naked from the waist up, his chest gleaming with sweat, and his legs encased in rough wool pants. He stood in bare feet, appearing impervious to the cold that made her shiver.

Her eyes had to be deceiving her.

He’d kidnapped her and taken her to a dank and moldy dungeon. Kelly couldn’t fathom in her stunned brain any other reason for the scene playing out right now.

“What the fuck is going on?”

The longer she thought, the angrier she grew. She was spitting mad with a throbbing ass and a wet cunt. God in heaven, her mouth was foul and she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

“We’ll address your mouth shortly.” He flexed a little, his face contorting in confusion. “Why am I saying that? What are we doing here?”

This was getting strange. The man must have hit his head or something.

“You kidnapped me. One minute I was sipping my latte and the next I’m face down, ass up on this spanking horse. You tell me what happened, dickhead?”

“No. No. I walked in to your break room at the book store and you started almost fading. I went to reach for you and…” He rubbed his head. “I don’t know what happened after that.”

He looked more troubled, staring down at the cane as if realizing he was holding it for the first time.

“One minute I’m staring at you and the next one I’m a Village Person.”

Kelly grew nervous because he sounded legitimately confused.

“Untie me so we can figure out what’s-”

Her words were cut off by the falling of the cane on her ass again. She growled at him.

“Fucker! Why the hell did you do that?”

“Do you know how wet your cunt is?” His question made her pause. “Even from here I can tell the difference from when I started. You love being spanked, don’t you?”

“No!” She squawked. “I’ve never… I don’t know.”

“Let me show you then.”

She heard his soft tread over the floor as he cane closer. Then his hand was planted firmly in the middle of her back. She shivered, drawing in a breath.

The feeling of his hand connecting made her jerk. A plaintive sigh left her lips as the feeling spread and then coalesced in her cunt. Another slap landed, and then another until he had a steady stream going. Kelly was moaning and crying out.

When Jay stopped she was shaky with pain and intense arousal. Never one to come without a lot of sensation, Kelly felt on the verge of toppling over without a single touch to her clit.

“Please, Jay. I need you.”

Jay sounded out of breath beside her, his chest expanding like a billow. She could smell his arousal and heat.

Kelly wanted him to fuck her, her cunt pulsing and hungry, but something nagged at her. There was something about this scenario that felt way too familiar to her. This exact scene…

A reluctant and feisty woman caught by a Barron. He wants her, takes her as his woman, and she finds herself developing feelings as he disciplines her

That nagging thought bobbed up again. It was like she’d read this before…

“We’re in the fucking book.”


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