A rant posing as a picture post


This is like a splinter I can’t get out. It’s bothering the hell out of me!

Recently, the news has been littered with the mass shooting done by a 22 your old because he’d been rejected one too many times by a woman. Twitter has spawned the hashtag #YesAllWomen in response to the feeling of fear women feel.

I agree there’s an air of entitlement that certain men feel when it comes to women. I’ve been on the receiving end of messages, unwanted touches, and sexual violence so forgive me if I’m understandably weird when it comes to men. Is it any wonder I’m shitty at the idea of being in a relationship?

Too many guys have felt it’s their right to take advantage of me and I’ve gotten so I’m uncertain how to reject these guys because some have turned aggressive. I can’t even be polite without it being perceived as an open door. It’s almost impossible to say “no” nicely because then “you’re a bitch, you’re selfish, you’re ugly because you didn’t give me a chance”. That’s literally what someone said to me recently when I wouldn’t give him a chance and felt his messages were pushy.

I’m not the only woman who’s felt scared or threatened walking. I’m not the only woman who’s wanted to wear something cute, but was nervous someone might take it as a signal. I’m not the only women with baggage because of that guy.

No, not all men are assholes who take advantage, but enough men are that most women are scared. Don’t lay blame for killing people at the feet of whoever rejected him. Lay blame at his feet only.

You don’t have a right to HAVE a date
You don’t have a right to touch me without my permission
You’re not entitled to anything


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