Sharp Edges

Cara in a red dress, bent over so her bum shows

Day 8: (in just before midnight)  1123 words. Entry for KOTW -cutting/tearing off clothes.

Kitten watched him play with Summer, a deep fascination overtaking her as she cuddled with a blanket in the corner by the heater.

She’d had her play with Daddy and was coming down from her high. Her bottom throbbed nicely and she felt on the edge of sleep. He’d even told her to nap if the need presented itself.

All thoughts of sleep fled when Summer started making those sexy noises every time daddy ran the knife along her skin.

Knife play had never been her thing. Not that she disliked blood or the knife itself, she just never really thought about the sensations. She’d cut herself more than once and only felt annoyance. Deep paper cuts and slicing herself while cooking didn’t impart the pleasure she felt while being spanked.


Watching them did something to her.

He’d made her strip off everything except a pair of flowered panties and lay on the couch. When he pulled out the kit bag and made her choose two implements, Summer had asked for the knife and the vampire glove.

Summer mewled as Daddy used the sharp end of the knife on her chest. It left scratches on her breasts that started white then turned pink. She thrust her chest out when he stopped, begging with her body for him to leave more marks on her.

God, she was beautiful. Such a petite woman with an infectious personality, Summer was the opposite of her and sexy in a why that made kitten want to cuddle up against her.

Summer gave another throaty moan that made her tingle.

Kitten found herself leaning forward, wondering. That wondering and watching made her pussy wet. Without realizing it, her hand had settled between her thighs, the blanket hiding the way her fingers rubbed.

“You don’t need these panties any longer, do you?”

He didn’t give her a chance to answer before he was trailing the blunt end of the knife down her belly to the remaining clothing in question. When he reached between her thighs, he laid the knife on its side and rubbed her clit with it. Summer’s thighs trembled as she tried not to rock her hips too much. Her panties were soaked, the wetness obvious on the gusset.

He flipped it to the serrated side and just laid it on the tender flesh beneath. He scraped it slowly down along the wet fabric drawing a gasp from Summer.

The knife moved along a leisurely trail from middle to thigh. He scratched a long line from thigh to knee, drawing a small bead of blood when he placed the point of the knife just above her knee.

In a blink, he sliced her panty up from the side, eliciting a moan from Summer and a gasp from kitten. He gave the same treatment to the other side, divesting her of her panties like that. When the lips of Summer’s cunt were revealed, kitten groaned softly into her blanket and circled her clit harder. She bit her lip and hoped no one noticed her, but he was ever perceptive.

“Is kitten playing with her cunt?”

He didn’t look her way, but knew nonetheless. Kitten started to remove her hand, her face heated at being caught.

“No, don’t stop. I want you to rub while I play with Summer.”

Her whole body was hot now, but she obeyed his command. Now that she was more aware of her actions, her cunt felt so slippery wet beneath her fingertips. She pressed her first two fingers deep in her cunt and them pulled them out to rub along her clit.

He placed the flat side of the knife back in Summer’s clit. She rocked her hips as he rubbed the knife up and down, her mouth falling open as her pleasure seemed to mount. He removed the knife after a few moments.

“On your back, slut.”

Summer was slow to respond, her eyes a little glassy. He scratched another line on the blemish free thigh and pinched the underside of the other. That seemed to spur her into action. She was on her stomach in a flash, pushing her bottom up for him.

He spanked Summer’s bottom, peppering her cheeks with heavy smacks that kitten could almost feel. When he smacked Summer’s thighs, she started to protest and squirm away.

“Stay still or I’ll take the belt to the tops of your thighs.”

That straightened her up quick. Summer had her bottom back into position and he resumed covering the entire surface with spanks until it was red.

He stopped again, reaching for the vampire glove. Just knowing the tiny needles were going to pierce Summer’s skin made kitten squirm. What would it feel like on her already sore bottom? Would she be able to take it?

He gave a practice swat and Summer cried out.

“How many times, slut?”

“Until I bleed, Sir. Please.”

The need in Summer’s voice made kitten tremble. A fissure of fear mixed with the pleasure swirling in kitten’s belly, making her antsy.

He spanked her with the glove at the same speed he spanked her with his bare hand. Kitten watched, enraptured as the little needles created pricks that first reddened the already blushed skin. After the second pass, small red beads of blood rose on Summer’s skin.

Kitten placed a hand beneath her to scratch at her sore bottom, digging her fingernails into the welts. It sent a jolt straight to her clit as she imagined the sensations that Summer felt.

“Are you going to come, slut?”

Both women jumped at the question so engrossed were they in their individual worlds.

“Summer, I want you to come as I spank you. Kitten, you’re not allowed to come.”

They both groaned.

Kitten watched as he continued to spank Summer, drawing more blood and moans from her. Keeping her hand between her own thighs was hard when she couldn’t come, but it didn’t seem to make a difference as her cunt pulsed in time with each slap of Summer’s bottom.

“May I come, Sir? Please may I come?”

“Come slut.”

He spanked her through the orgasm. Kitten squeezed her thighs together, trying desperately to stave off her own orgasm as she watched the absolute pleasure wash over Summer. Kitten wanted to touch her, the marks on her skin and the wetness between her thighs.

“Did you come, kitten?”

He’d pulled Summer into his lap, holding her so her bruised bottom faced kitten.

“No, Daddy.”

“Good girl. Come sit here beside us so I can snuggle you too.”

He patted the space near Summer’s feet and kitten scrambled over to him. It was nice, being close to them both as she snuggled in.

“My two beautiful girls.”

Cara in a red dress, bent over so her bum shows

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