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Cara's bare bottom with some marks on it

I’ve mentioned in the past old stories I’ve written that few have seen. I’m trying to work on writing more non-fiction/regular pieces, but fiction has always felt safe to me. Here’s something old to enjoy in the meantime. – “Give me that ass.” He slapped her flank hard, sending a bolt of pain flashing across …

Sharp Edges

Cara in a red dress, bent over so her bum shows

Day 8: (in just before midnight)  1123 words. Entry for KOTW -cutting/tearing off clothes. – Kitten watched him play with Summer, a deep fascination overtaking her as she cuddled with a blanket in the corner by the heater. She’d had her play with Daddy and was coming down from her high. Her bottom throbbed nicely …

A Servant’s Obedience

Masturbation Monday Badge

Haven’t worked on this since here. Smack my butt will ya. Let’s throw in the added goodness of Masturbation Monday while we’re at it. Go enjoy the others after and maybe I’ll manage to conclude this one someday.  — She couldn’t help fretting the entire day about her scheduled meeting with Mr Davensport. It distracted …