A Servant’s Obedience

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Haven’t worked on this since here. Smack my butt will ya. Let’s throw in the added goodness of Masturbation Monday while we’re at it. Go enjoy the others after and maybe I’ll manage to conclude this one someday. 

She couldn’t help fretting the entire day about her scheduled meeting with Mr Davensport. It distracted her at every moment, nearly causing her to ruin the laundry during her morning cleaning and destroy the garden when she attempted to help pick vegetables. The Head Gardner had shooed her back inside with a stormy look. She apologized over and over, but the stern man simply told her not to return until her head was on straight. 

Clara forced herself to clean around the house as she couldn’t ruin much doing that particular task. 

 The door to the office stood ajar and after a quick peek inside, Clara deemed it safe to clean. If this was the closest she could be to him until later, then she’d take it. 

His scent permeated the space. Her lungs breathed in his spiciness and she let herself relaxing into the chore. She opened the drapes and pushed up the windows to bring in a little air. Clara hummed softly as she cleared the dust from his shelves, admiring the decorative covers of his tomes. When she reached the front of his desk, she straightened his papers being careful not to upset his work. 

There was a stubborn scuff that she knew would come out with a little more elbow grease. She bent over the expanse to buff the surface. Her body swayed and shifted in an unconscious invitation as she worked. 

Clara was startled by hands on her hips and a body pressing her into the desk. She glanced over her shoulder to find Mr Davensport gazing down at her with heat in his eyes. 

“Are you trying to tempt me, Clara?” His voice was gruff, his hands squeezing her hips. 

While some small part of her said she should sit up and put distance between them, Clara couldn’t fight the urge to remain positioned as he’d trapped her. She dropped the rag and planted her hands on the desk. 

“No, Mr Davens–” His growl stopped her. “No, Travis. I’d never dream of doing such a thing.” 

She felt the evidence of his arousal through their clothes. The hardness pressed into the flesh of her bum and set her body on fire. 

“But tempt me you do, Clara girl. I’ve been distracted all day with how I would finally spank your bottom.”

 Her moan bubbled up. She felt hot and desperate to shed her clothing. “Why wait?” 

“Because,” he breathed but didn’t go on. She felt his breath on her neck.  

His hand dropped to pull the hem of her dress up. Slowly, inch by inch, the air touched her skin sending a wave of goosebumps along her skin. When he had the fabric bunched above her hips so the rough texture of his slacks abraded her skin, she shuddered at the contact. 

“Because I will have you after I spank you, Clara.” He reached around to cup her between her thighs. “I will have you just like this, bent over my bed with your ass heated from my hand so I can feel it as I take you.” 

“Oh God,” she moaned as his fingers played in the wetness he found there. 

“I want to wait. Wait until later when there’s no distractions, no responsibilities, nothing to do except feel you on my lap.” 

Even as he said those words, he plucked at her button until her hips gyrated back against him. He seemed larger against her bare bottom, hotter as she swayed and wiggled. 

“But I will feel you come on my fingers now, sweet girl. I will have your scent on my hand for the rest of the day.”

He leaned over her, pressing her down as he played between her legs. Clara lost all sense as the surety of his fingers rushed her headlong into an orgasm. 

“Mr… Travis! I’m going to, I’m going to.” She gasped as her tummy coiled too tight. 

He kissed along her neck, breathing softly in hair. “Come for me, my girl. Let me feel you.”

She came with a muffled shriek, her hips gyrating hard against him as pleasure washed over her. So good, it held her and stole her breath. All the while he held her tight to him, his fingers buried deep. 

When it passed, she relaxed into the desk, loving the weight of him on top of her. 

He released her slowly, as though reluctant to do so. Her dress fell back to her ankles but she couldn’t find the energy to rise yet. 

“Tonight.” He placed another kiss on her neck before he departed the room as quietly as he entered. 

Clara sighed and lifted herself from the desk. Her anticipation rose and with it came a thread of anxiety. If she wasn’t careful, more of her feelings would get involved here and she’d be in trouble. 

“Don’t lose your head, Clara girl.” 

Too bad such pep talks never worked. 


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