Take 2

An unedited shortie just for the gif on this week’s MM

“Roll over.”

I blinked up at him, sleep still clouding my brain. The sun had just started peeking through the curtains and I had nowhere to be today. I should be sleeping in.

“Shouldn’t you be at work,” I croaked out.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Roll over. Now.”

The sharp command in his voice did something to me. I found myself obeying even though it made no sense. Flipping on my belly, I lay still and wait for him to tell me what’s going on. Long moments pass and sleep starts to creep back in. Just as I’m about to succumb to its seductive pull, he ripped the covers from my body.

“Hey! What the fuc–”

His hand landed with a loud crack and pain rippled across my skin. I’m rendered speechless as it morphs into something hot that woke my pussy up.

“Take off your shorts.” The way he growls the words had me scrambling to shed the fabric.

I’m panting now, my body hot just from a few commands and a well administered spank. I’d do and be whatever he wanted if he just carried on spanking me.

He leaned over me, his hand grasping my ass as his lips brushed my ear. My heart is beating out of my chest as I wait for his next order.

“I heard you mumbling in your sleep. Begging to be fucked and writhing beside me. I was hard as a rock listening to your moans. I want to see you fuck yourself now, before I leave for work. Two fingers in your cunt, on your clit, and your ass moving.” He spanked me again. “Do it. Now.”

I rushed to obey. I stuffed my hands under me, left hand fingers thrusted deep while my right hand fingers rubbed at my clit.

“Harder. Fuck yourself.”

He smacked my ass harder and harder. His aim on my wiggling flesh sure. I was frantic. Every thrust, rub, spank propelling me higher. My cunt was a wet mess, squelching every time my fingers went in.

“Please, please, please.” I was chanting and begging.

“Come,” he demanded in my ear. “Come for me.”

I arched up and exploded. It was magical in the morning light. My body squeezed my fingers hard as I gushed over my hand. My clit twitched beneath my fingertips and I rubbed at it still even as the spasms tried to render me dumb. My ass rose and fell as I rocked into the intense wave of it. And he hovered above me, groaning his pleasure at my obedience and abandon.

I dropped limp into the bed, uncaring that I now lay in a wet spot. I fell back asleep to his whispered promise that he’d see me tonight.


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