Teresa’s eyes popped open the moment the sun touched her face. Confusion muddled her mind as she tried to make sense of her strange surroundings. 

A tree stood at her back, scraping her skin as she leaned back. Her hands were bound around its thick trunk, stretching her so her breasts jutted forward in offering. 

The clearing before her was shrouded in a mist that clung to the grass at her feet. The rising sun painted the sky a blood red that sent chills down her bare, dew covered body. 

Red at night, sailor’s delight. Red during the day, sailor’s dismay.

The remembered omen chilled her further as she attempted to negotiate her escape. Her memory of last night was fuzzy at best following the party and she feared she’d landed herself in a dangerous situation. Fear pushed her into flight. The rope only chafed her arms more as she attempted to wiggle free. Her skin threatened to come away if she continued her struggle 

“Perfect. You’re awake.”

Her head swiveled to the left to find a petite woman clad in black admiring her. The woman’s red hair was a cloud about her face and her skin and green eyes seemed to glow in the morning light. 

“Trent will be pleased to know you survived the night.” The woman advanced on her quickly as she spoke, her voice a throaty purr. “And aren’t you just perfect.” 

Teresa opened her mouth to speak, but one red tipped nail pressed against her lips. Just the simple contact sent a sizzle of awareness through her body. Her nipples peaked far tighter than could be blamed on the chill and her pussy seemed to plump between her thighs. 

“Don’t speak yet.” The woman’s eyes sparkled as though she knew the reaction she caused. “Trent will answer all your questions. Let me make you more comfortable until then.” 

The red haired beauty dropped to her knees in the wet grass. Teresa was too stunned to resist as those pale fingers curled around her thighs, parting them wide enough to scoot forward into the gap. 

“So pretty,” she whispered, her warm breath brushing Teresa’s curls. 

As if in a dream, Teresa watched as the woman’s head drew closer. First she pressed her lips to her hip before using her tongue to lave the bone. Unable to stop, she whimpered and pressed her hips forward in a silent plea. 

“Impatient girl.” The woman’s high laugh sent a bolt a lust through Teresa. “I’ll give you what you want.” 

Starting from her knee, the woman licked up until was pressing her face right where it was needed. Teresa threw her head back against the tree, overwhelmed by the way the woman touched her. First with gentle nibbles then with the flat of her tongue. She licked from her perineum up to her clit before dipping that talented tongue inside. 

“God, yes.” Teresa stared at the red sky, unseeing. “Yes.”

With quaking thighs, she chased the orgasm that hovered just out of reach. Her body vibrated, her breath shuddered out, her hips rolled. 

“Please. Please!” Teresa was not above begging. Her voice echoed across the clearing as she did just that. 

“Not yet, Victoria.”

Even the deep voice sounding by her ear couldn’t draw Teresa from her lust. She did cry out when the woman sat back on her heels with a pout. A man stood to Teresa’s right. He was big and raven haired with skin darkened by sun. Meeting his hazel eyes seemed to tumble Teresa headlong right back into searing desire. 

“Oh, Trent. Such a spoilsport.” Victoria rose gracefully to her feet and crossed over to kiss him full on the lips. “It was just getting good.”

He drew his tongue across his lips and Teresa shuddered as though he’d done it to her. 

“Patience.” He spoke the words to Victoria, but Teresa knew he meant them for her. 

She shook herself from her stupor enough to ask. “What’s going on?” 

He smiled and she could’ve sworn she felt it in her gut. He was dangerous when he smiled both because of the predatory way he gazed when he did so and also because a smile transformed his face from something handsome to something devastating. 

“You’re going to help us welcome Asmodeus.” 


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  1. Life of Elliott... and all that jizz

    Speaking about being bad about finishing things, I’m looking for the continuation of the story about the woman who was fired from her job, and what her husband had planned for her. Maybe you need a spanking?

    As for this story, please finish, I was just starting to get hard.

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      Cara Thereon

      I know! I’ll have to work on the other tomorrow. This one I didn’t finish because I had work and haven’t written anything. I’ll do better though I will take that spanking

  2. Aku

    Quite surreal and different – plus it paints such a vivid picture while not exactly telling me much of the setting, etc.
    And the ending leaves my imagination clicking and whirring to guess what happens before and after this little interlude.

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