Caught 6:1

I’m just going to start posting the story as it was last edited like a year ago. Maybe someday I’ll do more edits and do something with it. 

If she thought relaxing would be impossible, she was proved wrong when minutes later she slipped into an easy sleep. Her dreams were troubled though. Erotic thoughts warred with those of the last time she’d seen her mother before she was killed. The scene of her mother riding away with her last beaus with that look of utter desperation on her face was one of Gazelle’s worse nightmares. Except every time it was her own face she saw, desperate for love and willing to do whatever to get it.

She woke up with tears streaming down her face; the picture of her mother lingering like a terrible memory in her mind’s eye. The grip of the dream wouldn’t let her go and she sobbed into the pillow.

Big arms wrapped around her and she was pulled against a hard body. “Ssh,” Hunter breathed against her ear. “I’ve got you, baby.”

Gazelle felt too vulnerable to move away, so she allowed him hold her. Just that single act of surrender released a flood of emotions that she didn’t know she’d been storing up. Tears poured out from a place long hidden, and she found herself crying harder than she when her mother died.

Hunter crooned in her ear, his words a comforting tone. He smoothed his hand down her side, his touch working together with his words to settle her. The worse of her sobs ebbed until she lay totally wrung out, but feeling less distraught.

They lay quietly, that same peaceful aura from earlier swirling around them. Without thinking, Gazelle snuggled her bottom into his groin. His cock swelled a little to fit into the cleft of her ass and she wiggled more intentionally, loving the way he growled behind her. It would be so easy for her to just linger in the feeling of it, but her mind was quick to remind her that he’d left her alone.

“You weren’t thinking about moving away, were you?” He spoke the words right into her ear. The arm around her waist tightened just enough to reminder her who was in control of their time together. She felt a heavy ache settle between her thighs and lust threatened to drive away all the lingering irritation she had. How easy she’d become.

“And if I was?” She couldn’t help taunting him, that feeling of defiance burning low inside her. “Take me over your knee? Tell me what a bad girl I am? You can’t make me do anything.”

He growled low and the sound shimmered over her skin. The warning was obvious, but she ignored it. The questions returned and in with them came the irritation she felt toward Hunter. Even though it was none of her business, that she had no claim, Gazelle couldn’t let it go until she had the answers she needed.

But Hunter had other ideas. One second she lay on her side contemplating how to ask the questions plaguing her, and the next she lay face up. He split her thighs with his body and settled into the cradle of her hips. The feeling of his cock as it slipped against her slit elicited a gasp from her. She closed her eyes and concentrated on retaining her resentment.

“You keep forgetting, Gazelle,” he began in a low, silky voice, “that I’m in charge here. And when I want you to do something, you do it. Obviously I need to remind you what you agreed to.”

He gathered both wrists in his hands and pulled her arms above her head. Lust singed through her body as she looked up to find him hovering above her. The light of the half moon filtered through the window and feel across his face. His eyes glittered, lust and anger simmering in his normally smiling eyes.

His head swooped down and he caught her lips in an almost punishing kiss. It felt like an assault the way his mouth engulfed hers, but she responded eagerly to it. When his tongue swept across the seam of her lips, she opened and tangled with him.

Gazelle wanted to run her hands down his body, but his punishing grip on her wrists prevented any type of movement. His cupped at her breast and tweaked the erect bud, his mouth swallowed her whimpers each time he tortured her.

When his lips moved away from her mouth, they trailed down her neck, nipping her skin in a way that had her bucking her hips. He bit down hard on her shoulder, following the marking with a gentle rasp of his tongue. She arched her back when he reached the curve of her breast, but he just hovered above nipple. Even his breath brushing across served to drive her crazy.  She was desperate to feel his mouth, her back arching hard in offering, but he refused her.

“Do you know what I love the most about you, Elle?” His tongue darted out to flick over her puckered skin and she cried out. “I love how uninhibited you are when you stop thinking so hard. You crave the release and me.”

The smug, possessive tone batted away some of the lust that muddling her brain. How arrogant of him to assume so, no matter that it’s true. She parted her lips to offer a tart reply to his words, but the heat of his mouth engulfed her nipple and she lost whatever she meant to say.

It was like an electric connection from her breast straight to her clit. Her hips bounced with every sharp pull of his mouth, and she wanted him inside of her with an acute desperation. The rub of his cock as it rode along her slit didn’t hit the spot that she needed no matter how much she rocked. His teeth sank lightly into the plump tissue of her nipple and she arched. He switched to the other and Gazelle squirmed and whimpered, on the verge of an orgasm from his torture.

“That’s it.” His voice rumbled like gravel as he continued to nibble her flesh. “Beg for it. I won’t take you until you do. ”

Gazelle felt her anger flare even through the erotic assault he conducted against her. The pleasure stood to overwhelm her, but deep down she wanted to win this battle of wills more than she wanted satisfaction. “No,” she gasped out as he sucked at the underside of her breast.

She felt him freeze for a fraction of a second before he chuckled, a dark sound rich with promise. The vibrations caused something low in her belly to clench. She recalled how much Hunter always claimed to love a challenge, and like a matador with a red flag she’d offered him one.

He nibbled the skin at her ribs as he moved down her body. In spite of her resolve to hold fast, Gazelle found herself willingly spreading her thighs to accommodate the width of his shoulders. His breath teasing over the skin of her stomach, and then brushing the curls at the apex of her thighs, nearly had her bucking up. Swallowing around the dryness of her throat, she raised her hands above her head, pressing her palms to the headboard in an attempt to brace herself.

“You think it’ll be that easy, Elle.” She had to squeeze her eyes shut as he swept his tongue along the length of her wet slit. She felt air caress her as he parted her pussy lips. “I want more from you than you realize.”

What more could he possibly want? Her thoughts turned in a frantic circle as she struggled to hold on to her self-control. She knew this was temporary and so did he, and no matter how her heart clenched at the thought she would go when it was time to do so. What did he gain by forcing her submission? The spear of his tongue deep inside obliterated the train of though before it had time to form.

“Mm, you taste better than I remember.” He spoke the words against the lips of her pussy, the vibrations causing her clit to pulse with need. “So sweet, like champagne on my tongue. I could drink you up, Gazelle.”

He latched on to her engorged clit, sucking until she arched off the bed with a scream. Arms wrapped like a vise around her thighs, preventing any movements and leaving her open to the attack of his mouth.

Gazelle started up a chant in her head to drown out the pleasure threatening to swamp her. He sucked, licked, and slurped with an expertise that left her breathless, but she would never beg. She could ignore her body and she could ignore her need; the slut inside did not rule her.

He alternated between torturing her clit and tonguing her. Her resolve was strong, but her body was not. Every strong suck of those lips had her hips lifting, rocking to reach him. Offering more in silence than she’d ever say out loud.

Two fingers slipping inside shredded her resolve and had her gasping out. “Hunter!”

He pumped easily into her wetness as his teeth nipped at her, making her jump. “Yes?” If he had sounded even a little smug, she could’ve held fast, but he hunger in his voice was too much. “Tell me what you need, baby?”

Then what little fight she had drained away. More than anything, Gazelle wanted him. Needed him to ease that ache inside her, the one that went deeper than she realized.

“I need you,” she breathed into the hushed darkness.

His groan of pleasure said it all. “Perfect.”

She felt his mouth dive back in to that needy space between her thighs. Lips, fingers, and tongue worked in tandem to bring her to a climax so sharp that her cry echoed off the walls. She flew apart, soared clear to the ceiling, and floated down just as Hunter climbed up her body.

He captured her lips in a long kiss, the taste of her sex a distinct flavor on his tongue. She buried her hands in his hair and drew his lips more firmly against hers, loving her own taste, so tangy and sweet.

“You love it, don’t you baby?” Hunter hitched her leg high on his hip and fit the head of his cock to her. “You love what I can do to you. You want to feel me inside of you, using you. Say it, Gazelle.”

She moaned as he eased into her. Denying it was useless, but she couldn’t get the words out. She didn’t want to let go of her one trace of control.  Already she was in danger of losing herself.

He made a frustrated sound in the back of his throat and ground his hips into her, causing stray spasms to ripple through her body. His lips slide along her cheek and down to her ear. “You’re my little slut, begging for my cum. You want me to tie you up again and fill every hole in your body. Don’t you want that?”

His pace was slow, like the low tremor of his words. Those naughty things he whispered in her ear as he slid in an out of her body. The head of his cock hit that spot inside and pushing her higher. Her muscles clenched at him, her breathing quickening as he continued to claim her with his body and those dirty words. She wanted him, she wanted him in every place she had. She wanted him to possess her until she couldn’t function any more, but much to her regret he held himself in check.

“Faster, Hunter. Please.” She rocked against him, desperate for him to increase the tempo. “Please,” she gasped out as he touched that spot inside again.

She felt his hand slip between them, the tip of one digit swirling along her clit. Her body arched and he grunted as her body fluttered around him.

“My pussy,” he growled into her ear. He slammed into her, forcing a gasp from her. “Mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” She couldn’t hold back her scream as he finally let loose, pounding into her.

It was fast and furious; the wet squelch of flesh sliding against flesh, the loud moans and grunts, the sharp smell of sweat and sex. Gazelle once again found herself getting lost in those sensations and feelings Hunter elicited from her.

“Open your eyes,” he demanded with such force, his hips moving at such a punishing speed. She opened her heavy lids and their eyes caught in the dim moonlight. He leaned forward, a fierce almost frightening glow in his eyes. In that moment, as they hovered there, she felt one with him.

“Mine.” That glow flared so brightly that she wanted to look away, but she couldn’t.

He pinched her clit hard, and she froze as her flutters turned into hard spasms. Gazelle clenched at him, her body milking at him as he continued to drive into her. She barely registered the cries spilling from her lips. At the moment, all she knew was the sweet release gripping her. Hunter buried himself deep, froze above her, and released a guttural groan. She savored that sound and the warmth that bathed her as he followed her into ecstasy.


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