Kitten Gone Awry

Day 10: 1091 words

It started innocently enough.

A question about writing topics for today as National Novel Writing Month was going strong. Kitten was bouncing ideas off of Daddy. He was great at inspiring a story with just a few words, a thing she loved about him. He tended to challenge her when it came to digging a little deeper with her writing.

And then she dug herself a bit of a hole.

“What do you plan to write, kitten?”

She was particularly blank on story ideas that day. “Maybe I’ll write that story on the avocados you mentioned yesterday.”

He chuckled at that and she wondered if she could whip something up.

“Maybe something silly, Daddy. We’re silly.”

“Oh, you’re definitely silly, kitten, so I’m sure you’ll be able to write something like that with ease.”

She rolled her eyes at that. She wasn’t sure there was a person alive sillier than him.

“Maybe I’ll write about the wooden spoon and how it’ll be.” She shivered at that promised punishment. “Wish I could remember why I’m getting that punishment.”

That earned her a raised brow. “Can’t remember? I would think it would be fresh in your mind since it happened so recently.”

She sensed she should tread carefully so she really thought. “It was only a few days ago… oh, it was because I didn’t go to bed like you told me to.”

Her face felt flushed as he hummed in reply. Oh, she was in trouble. She could tell from the way he just seemed to nod.

“Go write, kitten.”

She knew, she knew in her gut it was best to just let it go, but she could tell he was thinking on her lapse and it made her twitchy.

“Wait, Daddy.”

“Yes, kitten?”

“I don’t think you should think on this.” She cringed, but tried to muster a sweet smile.

“You don’t, huh?” He folded his arms and waited for her to continue.

“No, I… I believe that thinking on this is a bad idea.”

“So you’ve told me not to think on this. What should I think on? What would be best here?”

Summer had wandered in at this point and sat down quietly in her chair. Kitten couldn’t see her face, but if she could, she’d have known she was starting to dig a very big hole for herself.

“No, I’m not saying that. I’m just… I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“And what should I think on then? Isn’t it important as your DomDaddy to think on things of this nature so I can help you be the best kitten you can be?”

“Well, yes.” Kitten shifted in her seat and tried to come up with a good answer. “It’s just I worked a few days in a row there and I just forgot.”

He nodded as though he understood. “I see. And you feel I shouldn’t do everything necessary to make sure you’re the best?”

She rubbed a hand down her face, each word sounding less and less like the smart thing to say. Kitten just didn’t want to get into trouble for forgetting and instead of explaining herself, everything seemed to have gotten out of hand.

“This is a trap,” she mumbled, half joking.

It was most definitely not received as a joke. Summer gasped quietly and Daddy pursed his lips. Kitten’s heart sank down into her belly and she finally caught Summer’s signal to shut up.

“I throw myself upon the mercy of the court,” she said with head buried firmly in her hands.

“Well, it took a bit before you realized the shovel was in your hands, Kitten.”

This would be funny if she didn’t feel so badly about messing up.

Daddy paused for a long while. “Kitten, it’s important you understand why I’m disappointed right now. Explain to me what you think just happened?”

She felt like she was going to cry. Worse, she felt like a bad girl for making him disappointed in her.

“I got scared that I was going to get additional punishment for forgetting why I was going to get the wooden spoon. I tried to make excuses and stop you from thinking about it, and I only made it worse.”

“You’re not a bad kitten.”

“I feel like one.”

“You’re not, but you did lead yourself down a path of trouble with this. A trap, kitten?”

Both Summer and kitten groaned at that comment.

“I want what’s best for you. As I said before, I have to, and should, think on all the things that happen in your life and how to make you better. I also need you to trust me to correct you, kitten.”

“And for me to realize opening my mouth at the wrong times isn’t helpful.”

“Picking up the shovel and making excuses certainly doesn’t help your case.”

Kitten rubbed her face again. “Not in the slightest.”

He glanced over at Summer before turning back to her. “Maybe next time you should utilize your resources and study ways to keep yourself from making similar mistakes.”

“Resources?” Kitten asked.

“Indeed. As I’ve studied the things you like through your writing, perhaps you should look at the writing available to learn what to avoid. Summer is a valuable resource having lived with me longer.”

“Is this a task, Daddy?”

He nodded. “A little kitten homework to help her succeed.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“I believe Summer has a bit of advice for you.”

“Well,” Summer shrugged before continuing, “maybe it’s a good idea to just say sorry when you realized you messed up and take whatever punishment comes. It’s better than digging a deeper hole.”

Yes, that was definitely solid advice Kitten would file away.

“I am sorry, Daddy. Really sorry. Really really sorry.”

“No need to keep saying sorry, kitten. I just want to see that you understand where you went wrong, and how you can keep yourself from going awry in the future.”

“My first step is to put down the shovel before I dig deep ditches.”

“Mistakes happen, kitten. That’s life. I don’t expect you to be perfect, just as I’m not perfect. What I expect is honesty, transparency, and a kitten who admits when she messed up. I will do the same when I make a mistake because you deserve the same things. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She still felt bad for messing up, but at least she knew she could learn from it. She wasn’t bad and mistakes happened.

“You’re a good Daddy.” She leaned over to kiss his cheek. “Better than I deserve.”

Cara posting in black, see-through lingerie in post titled Kitten Gone Awry

Ps: We had a conversation about the “better than I deserve” bit at the end.

After our discussion, I gave the comment some additional thought. His point was that he was a good Daddy, so doesn’t he deserve a good kitten? Of course he does because he’s definitely a good man who deserved good things. Naturally he asked that if he deserved a good kitten then didn’t kitten deserve a good Daddy as well?

I guess I struggle with getting what I deserve sometimes. I do deserve good things, a good Daddy included, so I need to open my head to accepting that truth. I do deserve a good Daddy and I have one.


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