Don’t Believe It

(A few somethings before I head out the door)

An April Fool’s Inspiration Monday. I admit to being fooled so good on our host for getting me. Here’s a little poetry since I’m still short on creative prose.

The truth, delivered soft or hard
A blow or a gentle caress
To topple or to edify
Words to build up or break down

A grain of it can feed thousands
Or fallow a field newly plowed
One hand on discovery
The other on destruction

A smart man researches
And his understanding brings him knowledge
A fool takes in anything
And never knows his folly

Don’t believe everything you’re told
Because the truth is hidden deeper
Than human minds pay attention to
And human ears can bother to hear


And a whittle wordle for The Sunday Whirl

I crave his unique sounds of pleasure
The ones that grant us unity
That merge us undoubtedly
As I follow him into ecstasy

A delicious sensation
When I hear him sing out his passion
A mantra of satisfaction,
I get an urge to hear his melody anew


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      Cara Thereon

      Thanks. I started in a different direction when I saw the original post, but changed when I realized it was an April fools joke. The joke was inspirational. 🙂

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