Frustrated Feelings

My mind is all over the place lately (I’m beginning to think black moods are just part of being a writer). The bad thing is my creativity is suffering. So, I guess I’ll take a few days off.

Here’s some more poetry. If you want a story, check out the tabs above. Book Reports is my new one for book reviews.

But only if you’re interested…

Never enough
I am

Struggling, striving to
Be me, but
It’s never enough

For you
For me to
Satisfy anyone
Leaving me broken up

Get up and go
But where?
Because the specter
Of expectation (yours and mine)
Follows me too close

Just once I wish
I was enough
My smile, my words, these stories
The heart in me that beats
So fast with passion
I haven’t experienced yet

But I’ll never measure up
God… It’s making me
Shrivel up
Enough, I want to…
But I’m never enough
For anyone, for no one
For myself


  1. Nick

    You do sound like the frustrated achiever that is vastly self-critical.
    Too self critical.
    Hey, we like your stuff!
    Go out and find a nice guy to work it out on:-)
    And try not to be as hard on him as you are on yourself.

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      1. Nick

        He will love you to be hard on him in that lovely girly way you XX chromosome people have.
        Don’t sit around waiting for a taker, go take one yourself!
        You know you want to.
        And don’t even think that you will not succeed:-)

  2. Dawn Rinken

    Been there. (Took 2 weeks off from my other blog, and my followers got worried and started e-mailing me!) Sometimes you just need to step back from it, though.

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  3. creativityorcrazy

    To be “enough” sounds like it should be such a simple thing. This is such a struggle for me and I so don’t have it figured out. I think it’s a combination of everything I expect from myself and the loads of overwhelming expectations it feels like everyone else wants from me. I often wish for just myself, as I am, to be “enough”.

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