Flash 3 

400 words

I have a quick confession to make

She is the worst roommate I’ve ever had.

I’m talking true slob material. I mean, dirty dishes piled high in the sink, the counters covered in food after she cooked, mud tracked in all over the living room floor after she biked, the toilet seat and bathroom floor covered in filth that would curl your toes, and an overall disregard for cleanliness of any kind.

I’m a stickler for keeping a clean house. Not eat-off-the-floor neat. No, I’m not vacuuming every day or wiping things down like I shudder at germs or have obsessive tendencies. I just like coming into the kitchen and things being clean. Not worrying about stepping in something gross when I go to the bathroom. Normal stuff.

If she wasn’t so nice, I’d hate her. Do you know how often I spray the house down with bleach? Or wipe the counters because they’re splattered with food? Or clean off the toilet? It’s enough to make a person spiral into fits of rage.

As it is, I avoid her when we’re both in the house. I’d say it was just because she’s gross or we have nothing in common, but then I’d be a liar. My confession is that in spite of, or maybe because of, her habits I find myself contemplating the taste of her cunt.

It’s like I can’t help myself.

I picture peeling her clothes from her body and making her lie back and open for me. I think about the weight of her breasts, the color of her nipples, and whether they’d respond nicely to a hard pinch. I think about the curls at the juncture of her thighs. They’d be wild and untamed, a brown bush standing tall.

I’d pinch her nipples until she cried out and then spread her lips with my fingers and breathe her in. She’d be… Earthy.

That first taste would surprise us both.

The sweet, musky flavor of a woman mixed with that blatant disregard for personal cleanliness. I’d lick from asshole to clit and enjoy every second. I’d sip, savor, drank deep until she came and I had her smell all over my face.

I avoid her to keep the temptation at bay. I clean up after her because I can’t stand a filthy house.

A filthy house, no. A filthy cunt? Maybe a little more to my liking.

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