Flash 2

780 words

The hair on the back of her neck stood up, bringing her to a standstill as she passed from her bedroom into the bathroom. Phantom hands brushed her lips before caressing her collarbone so lightly goosebumps broke out on her bare arms.

A whisper of breath along her ear sent a shiver down her spine and tightened her nipples. The imperceptible touch of fingertips on the points tightened them further.

“Oh God, I’m losing my mind,” she murmured into the steam filled room.

Shaking off the feeling, she completed her journey to the shower. The water sluicing over her offered some relief from the sensations that had set her nerves firing.

She had to be crazy. The notion that something touched her had been happening for weeks now. She’d be in one room or the other and feel the touch, like a warm breeze on her skin. It was worse at night, the touching turning erotic, carrying her into her dreams with teasing touches on her clit or nipples.

Not being able to tell anyone, it made her wonder if she was losing her grip on reality.

She’d just relaxed under the heat of the water when a firmer touch slid up her sides to cup her breasts. The loofah slipped from her numb fingers and bounced away as her nipples were pinched hard. A glance down her body showed nothing except water dripping down her breasts, but the reality of the touch was undeniable.

“Shit.” Her head fell back as ripples of pleasure zipped between her thighs. “What the fuck is happening to me?”

The last word left her lips with a groan at the feeling of fingers teasing along her labia. Water poured down her body adding to the crazy sensations. A tap at her clit and she had to brace herself for fear her knees would give out on her.

“Need you.” The whispered words made her shiver.

She bit her lip hard, canting her hips as thick digits sank into her cunt. Her mind blurred, losing what little fear remained. Something solid pressed into her back and she knew without looking nothing was behind her.

“Need you.”

God, she was losing her mind, but it felt so good.

“Then take me.”

The touch left her and she nearly cried out. Tomorrow, she was seeing someone about this. Maybe work really was more than she could handle. Some professional help and meds might be exactly what she needed to stop this… Whatever was going on with her.

She felt chilled when she stepped from the shower, but pushed the creeping sensation out of her mind. No stopping the goosebumps racing down her skin. Toweling dry, she hurried to pull on some warm clothes.

Under the secure weight of her comforter, she felt marginally better. She had a plan and knew things would improve once she admitted her…

Warmth against her back froze her thoughts. She tried to slow the race of her heart, but it was impossible. Fear wasn’t the only thing that made her tremble as pressure on her shoulders sent her to her back. Squeezing her eyes shut in the dark, she tried to tell herself it wasn’t real.

Firm lips against her own renewed the shivers that gripped her before. She gasped as teeth nipped at her bottom lip, opening her mouth for the thrust of a tongue. It coaxed until she met it with her own and moaned at the way it played.

Hands inches her panties down until she was bare to whatever touched her. She spread her knees without prompting, welcoming a substantial weight in the cradle of her hips.

Her body was overwhelmed by desire so intense it made her frenzied. This was how lonely she’d let herself get that the fantasy touch of her delusions was enough to make her cum.

She felt the press of something against the lips of her pussy and panted into the mouth of her phantom lover. It held there, apparently waiting for something from her.

“Please.” If she was going to make this trip, she’d make it all the way to town.

Whatever filled her up did so beautiful. She arched her hips, welcoming it as she cried out. God in heaven, she was loving her descent into insanity.

She let her eyes open and just made out the wavy outline of a face in the light filtering through her window. A high forehead, a strong jaw, intelligent eyes, and full lips. Impressions, but not substantial.

He, the cock snuggled deep inside told her it was a he, began to move and she stopped caring if she was crazy.

Crazy felt too good.


  1. Dawn D

    Hmmm… I wouldn’t mind feeling this sort of crazy! 🙂
    This is beautifully written. What was this nonsense about you not being a writer? Pfff!

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I wouldn’t mind it either!

      Well, I’m a writer because I write. I’m not a writer with the chops to be a published author however. It’s just a hobby that I’m doing a lousy job of keeping up.

      1. Dawn D

        It may be a hobby, but you’re quite successful at it. Even if you’re not managing to publish as often as you wish, you are still quite successful 🙂

        1. Post
          1. Dawn D

            The number of people who read has nothing to do with the quality of the writing. You, my friend, are a writer, even if your writing isn’t read much.

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