Sticky fingers
Sweeter than his smile

Dripping cream
Licking her lips

Sliding tongue
Her favorite dessert

The rattle of the canister as she shook the bottle sent a perverse thrill through her.

“Are you going to let me up?”

She glanced over her shoulder at him and let the smile she’d been suppressing burst forward. “In a bit.”

The fact that he tried to appear relaxed in his current position only served to increase her mirth. She shook the can again to taunt him, turning so she could better enjoy the unobstructed view of him.

He’d stripped to his skin after his shower and fallen into bed seemingly to enjoy an after dinner rest before the show. Watching him lie there with all that tanned flesh gleaming had made her feel antsy with need and just a little mischievous. She’d given in to that tiny voice and grabbed the nearest bit of rope. A little kissing and she managed to pin and then tie his hands to the headboard.

As she continued to watch him flex testing the bounds she’d placed, she silently thanked her father for teaching her to tie a damn good knot. He was far too concerned about getting far so it was time to distract him.

Stepping closer to the bed, she placed the can by his feet and pulled her shirt over her head. The moment her breasts bounced free his cock began to swell.

“What are you up to?” His blue eyes seemed to burn bright as he watched her release the tie holding her pants on.

“No good,” she answered with a smile. “Always.”

Her pants slid to the ground leaving her as bare as he. Watching his cock grow bigger between his spread thighs turned her mirth into pure arousal. Presenting him her back, she bent at the waist and then twirled, giving him plenty of time to look over her body. She knew her labia had already grown plump and coated with wetness in those few minutes.

When she faced him once again, his breathing came in audible pants.

“I’m hungry.” Her eyes dropped to his cock that had risen above his belly.

She grabbed the whip cream can and began her climb up the bed until she was level with her prize. It seemed to beg for her attention, pulsing and jumping under her gaze. It was tempting to forget the cream and taste him as he was

One little lick to start the fun…

The headboard clattered against the wall. “Jeeezus.”

She savored the unmasked taste of him on her tongue for one long moment. Another taste like that and she’d abandon the idea all together. His cock in her mouth could be dessert enough.

Lifting up the open can, she held his gaze while she sprayed a dollop right on the tip of his cock. “We aren’t even to the fun part yet.”

His eyes narrowed and then closed completely as she swallowed him halfway. Cold, sweet whipped cream and the taste of him exploded across her tongue. No, no sense letting this go to waste.


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