Write What You Want

Because, why not?

“Give me that ass.”

He slapped her flank hard, a bolt of pain flashing across her senses as she lifted her hips for him. It dissipated into a tingle as it spread out beautifully.

“Higher,” he growled, the press of his palm between her shoulder blades pushed her chest down into the mattress. He yanked at her hip, tilting her up to the place he wanted until her rosebud winked and her cunt gaped. So lewd, her display so wanton.

“Wet already?” The trail of a thick finger along her slit made her shudder.

Already… She’d been wet the moment she heard him enter the house. The sound of his footfall across the wood floors, his weight making the stairs creak as he ascended, sent a thrill through her. Liquid lust flooded her knowing he was so close.

“My little slut.” He slapped her pussy, the sound wet and erotic. “Tell me you how much you want me to take that ass.”

She squeezed her eyes closed desperate to control the tremble of her limbs, the needy ache in her cunt. Her heart seemed to pound, adrenaline coursing through her as the words that would bring her pain tinged pleasure hovered on her tongue. They wouldn’t tumble out, they wouldn’t slip from her lips so easily tonight.

Her hesitation earned her a slap on her butt. The breath whooshed from her lungs as her muscles clenched. The skin seemed to throb with the imprint of his hand, sending another thrill to her wet core making her wetter. She pressed her cheek into the mattress as the burn heated her mind. He didn’t wait for an answer, striking fast, giving her a matching print on her unmarked cheek. The throb of her skin inflamed her that much more.

If she expected him to stop then, she was mistaken. His hand fell in a steady pattern, covering the exposed surface of ass with even smacks. She buried her face in the bed to stifle her cries that bled into moans as he peppered her from cheek, to rosebud, to cunt. When he stopped, she just managed to keep her position.

“I think you just wanted that ass burning hot before I fucked it, didn’t you, little slut.” He chuckled, pulling her back so the material of his jeans abraded her hot skin.

“Yes,” she cried out. “Please…”

Something cool and wet landed on her crinkled flesh, pulling a gasp from her lips. The way his finger circled round and round caused her to clench in anticipation.


The feeling of being breached there, his fingertip entering her just a little, sent equal parts fear and desire through her. He pushed deeper, adding another finger, scissorsing until her resistance melted under the stimulation. In and out, he fingered her dark hole, forcing pleasure to cut through her as her hips pushed back to take more. Sweat popped up along her skin and wetness leaked from her cunt, slicking her thighs. She was almost undone.

“That’s my girl, that’s my little slut,” he murmured in a low voice while he touched her. “You want my cock now, don’t you? You want it stretching you wide up and filling your tight hole full of my hot jizz.”

She clenched her hands in the sheets, white knuckled and desperate to keep from touching her pulsing clit. Not without his permission, not until he’d fucked her ass so good.

“Ask me for it.” His other hand massaged her abused cheek as he continued stretching her, readying her for him. Once again she was slow to respond. He pulled her up by her hair, his teeth biting into her shoulder before he whispered in her ear, “Ask like a good girl.”

A shudder coursed though her. Licking dry lips, she fought to find the words through her hazy. “Please, Sir. Please fuck my little ass hole. Fill… Please fill me with your cum.”

She was arched, aching, and ready. Such need trembled through her as she spoke what he’d birthed in her body with his touch. Sensations, desire, a longing for him to make her his in any filthy way he wanted.

He pushed her back into the bed damp with her sweat. The smell of her arousal mixed with his musk hit her full force and she nearly came from that alone.

More coolness hit her rosebud and she knew without being asked to spread herself for him. As he murmured what a good girl she was, he notched the broad head of his cock to her and pushed in. She moaned at the burn, trying to relax so the pleasure would come. God, it burned so damn good.

When he slid home, his balls resting against her empty pussy, she blinked back hot tears. Her ass throbbed all over, so many sensations threatened to overwhelm her.

“Please,” she begged, needing him to move and take.

“Ssh.” The feeling of his hand smoothing down her back soothed away some of the frantic feeling. “Just wait.”

She let her hands fall limp to the bed as he held her there suspended, impaled on his cock. The wait did something to her; the pain transformed into this erotic thing that took up residence in her core. Her hips began to move of their own volition, rocking in a desperate need to feel the pleasure that he could give her.

Finally he moved. The withdrawal fired along her nerves, fresh sweat broke out on her skin at the painful pleasure. He thrust back in, filling her beautifully and bowing her back at the sensation.

Big hands dug into her hips, spreading her wide for his measured advance. She knew he watched the way his cock split her. Her body came alive. So full of him, so full.

“Touch yourself,” he grunted out. “I want to feel you cum around me.”

Her fingers flew and circled and dipped. She was so wet she squelched as she pumped three fingers into her needy cunt. Burning, she was on fire, hot all over, and desperate to come with him buried in her ass.

The pounding was endless, punishing, and so damn good she couldn’t think. He grunted and groaned as he took her. His cock invading and completing her, delivering such intense pleasure.

“Come,” he demanded. “Now. I want to feel you.”

She pinched her clit hard, sending a bolt of lightning through her that pushed her over the edge. Unintelligible words poured from her lips as her body clamped down around him, bringing him closer to the edge. He groaned, his hips moving erratically, his cock growing impossibly large inside of her.

The slap of their flesh echoed in her head as he surged forward one last time, holding her still for the spurt of his cum. She brimmed with it, his spunk flowing out and down her thighs like a fountain of life.

“God, I love it when you let me have you like that.” He placed a kiss on her back, her body sinking to the wet sheets. “Love you for giving me so much.”

“Love you, too.” Her moan was barely audible as he pulled out of her. More warm liquid trickled out, but she was too boneless to care.

She floated between wakefulness and sleep as he moved around the room. When the wet rasp of a washcloth touched her skin, she surfaced enough to protest.

“No,” he admonished as he pressed her back down. “Let me take care of you the way you take care of me.”

She smiled at him, thinking the soft ache of her body was more than worth it.


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