A Little Dark

Decided I’d rather wait and see where Whisker Burn ended up before I posted anymore. May this will do in its stead.

Mature content.

I was sick and only he could make me better.

He came when I needed him, and relieved the tension inside of me. He was a glittering gem, leather and musk, come to unravel me and bind me back together. And I needed him so damn bad.

“Bend over and grab your knees, ass out.” He caught my chin before I could move. “No noise this time, luv. Take it like a good girl.”

He held my face in his grip for a long time so I could look in his eyes and see the flicker of darkness. The promise of torment lurked there. It was reflected in his dilated pupils, in the smug smile I loved, in the tight grip on my chin. He promised pain, and I craved it.

“Don’t disappoint.”

I nodded and bent to grasp my knees, breathing in and out as that usual excitement tingled along my nerves. Wetness already stained the inside of my thighs, had since he walked in the door. My body needed the red black haze of his torture, needed his brand of darkness to find any type of relief from the ugly swirling in my head.

He chose the cane and showed me the instrument of my destruction. The pain would start slow and then burn too hot, lingering and leaving bruises. Perfect, just perfect.

The blow, when it came, seared me with its fire as it bloomed on my ass. So sharp I barely contained the gasp that bubbled up my throat. No sound, I wouldn’t disappoint. He laid a stripe across the other cheek, marking me deep. Breaking me apart so slow.

No blood, not yet. It would come because I needed it. I needed the spilling of my blood by his hand.

I felt his fingernail ran along the rising welts and I had to grit my teeth, waiting as the pain morphed into shimmery pleasure. I wanted his nails digging into my broken flesh, shredding me more.

“How many today? Tell me how many I’ll give you?” He asked though I knew he already planned the number he’d give. He knew exactly how many I needed.

As many as my body will take, I thought. Go until I’m a white cloud, pure and light. But I knew not to say that. He wanted solid numbers not my wispy feelings. “Fifty,” I replied, knowing it would get me there so fast.

“Is that the number?” His nails dug into my hip, but I didn’t whimper. “Is that what will break you?”

“Why don’t you see.” I was defiant, more than normal because of how life moved lately. I needed him to force the hurt out, make it leak through my pores so I could function again.

“Why don’t I.” The suppressed rage in his voice thrilled me. Be merciless. Be unforgiving to me.

The cane landed stripe after stripe. It criss crossed over my flesh, painting me, lifting red welts on my dark skin. I jolted every time, but managed to hold in my cries. The tears stung my eyes after the fifth strike, and by the tenth they flowed freely to drip to the ground. My face wasn’t the only wet spot, nor my ass the hottest. No, that place, that hot wet place lived between my thighs.

I dripped, every blow binding tight and migrating to my pussy. I seethed there in that place; I churned and wept there for what he turned me into. I wanted more.

The moment the cane split my skin, I knew it. Not just for the copper tinge in the air, but also for the near orgasm I had when it breached my body. He broke me, split me, and bled me so I knew I lived. I was alive and I couldn’t hold back my sobs. The gates had opened finally.

“There it is.” He hit me along both cheeks, striking at the perfect place, and I detonated like the time bomb I was.

He ceased the beating and grabbed my hips as I convulsed, coming harder than I had in a long time. Wave after wave, my pussy happy to clench at nothing. The scrape of his jeans on the raw place of my legs and butt prolonged the intense release.

I could feel again.

“That’s my girl.” I barely heard his voice over the roiling tide that was my orgasm. He anchored me as I pieced myself together.

When the pleasure ebbed away, he eased me up and held my back against his chest. I could feel the skin of my ass pulsing like a heartbeat, could feel the blood trickling down the back of my thighs, my thick cum dribbling along the insides of them. Life coating me all over. Making me new again.


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