She was already naked, perched on the bed and waiting for him. Only the slight catch in her breath told him she noted his arrival.

He purposely kept his eyes on her face as he approached. She was turned away so the light from the window caught her profile, showing her lashes like a sooty fan on her cheek.

Reaching out, he straightened her shoulders, running his fingers lightly along her collar before removing his hands. She rubbed her lips together, plumping them before parting them. He wanted her to wet them, he wanted to see the pink of her tongue darting out to lick.

The urge to touch her again was so strong, he clenched his fists hard. He backed away, nearly knocking over his easel.

“Thank you for coming back.”

She smiled briefly before her lips fell back into position. God, she was beautiful. His hand shook as he lifted the charcoal to the page.

January jumpstart


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  1. David Mei

    Stunning image
    Exiting words
    Tantalizing thoughts
    I wonder who will take the energy and situation in hand?
    The subject of the art or the artist?
    The model feels to be the one in command.
    Maybe she demands that since she is exposed the artist should expose themselves in kind. Demonstrate the appreciation for her patience in the sitting?
    Oh the wicked thoughts.

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