You shouldn’t run

A continuation that’s trying to work itself into a longer piece. Part one

The madam cut her loose, letting her body fall to the grimy floor with a thud.

Eyeing her, the woman’s expression was a mix of pity and distaste. “You certainly ain’t worth the price he paid, but I never turn down money.”

The words cut her more than they should’ve, but she did her best to hide it. Gathering herself, she stood up and tried to shield her nakedness from the other woman.

“No sense covering it up. Ain’t like I’ve not seen it all anyways. Besides, you’re not the prettiest or the best. Even if you were, you wouldn’t stay that way long wif ‘im.”

A thin slip of fabric was tossed at her and she quickly slipped it over her head.

“Come on then, let me get you to the monster’s estate.”

Monster? A shiver worked its way down her spine. She’d never seen that man before and knew nothing about him aside from the glimpse of his face. Fear took root in her belly.

The carriage pulled away, horse hooves moving in a fast gallop the moment her feet hit the ground. The driver would only take her part way down the drive before he forced her to get out. Fear danced in his eyes the closer they’d come, even the horse grew skittish as they passed through darker woods to reach the out of the way property.

She was left, shivering and alone in front of the dark estate. Turning around, she contemplated walking back to the village, but abandoned that idea as she took in the trees that surrounded the grounds. Her feet wanted to carry her away, but her head reminded her of her predicament. She knew she was miles from another living person.

Returning wasn’t an option. The money had been transferred to the madam before she’d even left the room. The way the woman had counted the cash, a calculating look in her eye had chilled her. Going home wasn’t feasible either. Her family considered her dead, sold off and lost to them. They’d no use for her and would only send her back to wherever she’d run away from.

She was truly alone. In the middle of nowhere with a monster at her back.

Another shiver hit her as she turned back to house. It loomed larger now, just as much of a monster as the man it housed.

“Will you simply stand out here all night.”

A screech left her mouth before she could control it. She turned, hands up to defend herself. He stood behind her, her Monster. His face was still hidden, covered in some sort of white mask that showed only dark eyes and full lips in the cut outs.

He stood within touching distance of her, so close he could capture her with just a few short strides. How had he even gotten behind her so quietly? She was too petrified to ask.

“What could you do with those small hands? I would overpower you in a second.”

That made her swallow. It was a fact she was too aware of standing before him. He seemed bigger out in the open, scarier since she couldn’t see any of his features. There was no reassurance in the way he stood with arms crossed over his chest or the fact that he just watched her. The way he scanned her body intensified her nervousness, making her knees tremble beneath her thin dress. She could feel his interest.

“Then why haven’t you done so yet?”

Her voice shook, but she was proud that her words were clear.

“I’d never hurt a defenseless woman. I’m not a monster.” He bared his teeth as he said it, which did nothing to reassure her.

“Aren’t you?”

He flinched. Something about his reaction made her regret her words, but she wasn’t sure why.

“Aren’t I?”

The deadly quiet way he repeated those words should’ve made her take notice. He advanced on her then, marching toward her in a way that made her squeak. She turned on her heels and darted toward the door. What made her run there instead of away into the woods, she wasn’t sure. Perhaps the need to be inside overshadowed the realization that inside meant in his house.

She made it to the door, searching for a handle. Nothing stuck out aside from the brass knocker. Turning back toward him, she watched him approach.

He’d grown much larger all of a sudden, looming like the estate. She scribbled at the door behind her, pressing her nails into the wood.

“You shouldn’t run. It only makes it worse.”

His voice reached across the tiny distance between them. She felt it in her chest, the words making her stomach seize up. Bile rose up as he closed that distance and reached for her.

Shutting her eyes, she turned her head expecting to feel a hand around her throat.

The door opened suddenly behind her sending her falling backwards. She landed on the ground, jarring herself so she saw stars. When her eyes cleared, she realized she was alone.

Her monster had disappeared like a ghost.

Part 3

Masturbation Monday written on a purple background


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