Stray Thoughts

Me, bound nude with red and black rope

It never abates. Their stories whirl through my head like cards in a rolodex. Snippets of their thoughts, images of their exploits, enter my mind. Usually I only hear the first bit and then ignore the rest. Sometimes I wasn’t so lucky

An older man is bicycling along the highway. He bikes to keep himself in shape even though he drinks like a fish and his cholesterol was through the roof. I hope Marjorie stays out with the girls as late as she promised. I can’t have her coming back when Renila…

A police car pulls up behind me and I tune in to his thoughts. Officer Yates, fifteen years on the force, and a very naughty boy. Fucking trouble maker. I should’ve put a bullet in his head instead of my dick in his mouth. Gotta pick them tricks…

I turn up the radio and it drowns out the majority of the noise in my head. Scream music really was the best music when you wanted to keep the voices to a low roar.

I navigate off the highway into a suburb, headed to the store. A woman with long blonde hair is running down the street. I’m too distracted by the lovely bounce of her ass to block her thoughts out.

Will he take me back to that cliff?

I get such a clear picture of her bound, naked and spread to the open landscape, that I nearly hit the car stopped at the light ahead of me.

I can feel her skin, feel the wind brushing her nipples and the rope digging into her thighs.

I want him to fuck me next time. I want him to hold me over the edge and fuck me until my screams echo through the valley.

She runs by my car and I wonder if her rapid breathing is because of the jog or the memory. I want his cock in my mouth. She’s thinking of him jerking off above her, his cum splatting her chin and down the line of her body. She’s thinking of her wet cunt exposed and needy.

Please. She begged him. Please. Please make me–



I’m still on that damn cliff, wanting to be fucked as badly as the jogging blonde, but the light’s green and the car ahead of me is long gone.

I turn the music back up loud. Can’t risk anymore stray thoughts or I’ll end up crashing my car.

Masturbation Monday written on a purple background


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  1. JerBear

    you have a very special way of imagining. That little story pulled me right into her head and I didn’t want it to stop. It was both alarming and arousing.

    thank you.

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