His hand at the back of her neck. Eases her, forces her with gentle pressure to her knees.


Her thighs and her mouth.


Her eyes as the blindfold obscures her vision. That hand drops back to the nape of her neck, communicating so much with a gentle squeeze. She holds, waiting just as he wants, open for him.


Both go wide, jaw aching and muscles straining. His smell circles her, invades get, controls her.

The rustle of fabric comes loud in her ears. Her heart thumps wildly in anticipation, her cunt flutters with its own eager response, but she remains still.

A wet brush across her lips. She resists the urge to lick the moisture away. Just…

“Stick out your tongue.”

He rests heavy and swollen in the center. She imagines the picture of them in her mind. Him still fully clothed… Her naked, blindfolded, and still… His cock a pulsing beacon between them, showing an eagerness absent from his face but for the tick of his jaw.


Her mouth engulfs him as he slides in, clear to the back. His hand holds her head, her hands stay folded behind her back. She the receiver of his pleasure, allowing him to guide them both.


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