This was for MasturbationMonday, but work and life conspired against me once again. Have the unedited version and my apology for not being around more.

I’ve always considered myself firmly in the hetero category. I liked cock of almost any size and I enjoyed the taste, feel, and smell of a man as I went down on him. Place one in my mouth and I could happily suck all night, you see.

Daniel’s cock happened to be top in the loveliest I’d had in recent years. Shaped to give a woman pleasure and lovely to play with however he’d let me. That beautiful mushroom head would peek out of his briefs, the tip dotted with a pearl of cum, just begging to plumb my depths, and I’d lose my cool in a heart beat.

It was my love of his cock that had me licking voraciously between the milky white thighs of the redhead he’d introduced me to earlier that night.

The evening had started as I’d expected. Daniel was celebrating his birthday and that morning had requested we dine at his favorite restaurant downtown. I could deny him nothing, not when he leaned against the bedroom door with nothing on, fresh from his shower. His dark eyes boring in to me left me breathless and his cock rising made me wet in an instant.

I lack the social leanings that he possessed. My plan had been a quiet meal in with some wicked sex after cake, but the man is persuasive. He swaggered to the bed and waved my favorite treat in my face. I’m a sucker (no pun intended) and his cock down my throat swayed me a bit to his way of thinking.

So, I agreed, but tried holding out until he flipped me on my stomach and made me scream his name loud enough to disturb my neighbors.

Dinner was nice. Far more subdued than I’d expected. Just he and I, a delicious meal, and a few cocktails. I was light, easy after alcohol and food, even easier with his hand resting high on my thigh and creeping up.

His fingers just pressed against me, my panties a useless barrier. The tease of it had me lifting my hips with no regard to how it looked to anyone else.

“Let’s go to the club down the street,” he whispered those words just as he slipped two fingers deep in my pussy.

“Yes. God, yes, Daniel.”

Anything, I’d agree to anything to feel the way he made me feel.

Daniel kept me panting as he paid for our meal. I thought he’d keep going and make me cum right at the table, but he was saving that for later. Instead he pulled away with a wink. The twinkle in his eyes should’ve signaled me, but I was too high on lust.

“Come on, baby, I want to see you dance.”

I floated out into the night behind him, into the heat of the club, and right into his arms. The feel of him pressed into my back and the music lured me deeper into a trance. I blocked everything out except the sway of our bodies.

“See that girl?” His words registered in my haxe and I glanced through the crowd.

She was a tall redhead with skin so pale I knew she’d burn at even a hint of sun. As if sensing our gazes on her, she and I locked eyes. Even at this distance I felt an unspeakable heat. The way her hand played along the hem of her skirt, the way her breasts pushed up against her tight top, the way her tongue traced the rim of her drink…

My breath grew tight in my chest as my body reacted. Daniel knew me too well because his hand zeroed in on my nipple and fired me up that much more.

“I know you’d look sexy resting between her thighs, your dark skin contrasted against hers. What color do you think her nipples are, hm?” He pinched my nipple hard and I gasped as sensation rippled through me. “Or her pussy? I bet they are the same pink as her lips. They’d turn as red as her hair when they plumped up.”

His other hand moved to my cunt and my eyes fell shut as the image appeared in living color in my eyes. Oh, God.

“Don’t deny you want her, Kitty.” He pulled me in closer and ground his hips into my ass. “I can feel how much. I want to see you eating her out as I take your tight ass. I want to look into her eyes the whole time.”

I wanted to feel him pushing into me as I buried my face in her. I wanted to know her taste, her smell, the sound of her cries, and the color of her pussy. I wanted it so badly that I moved forward to have it without realizing what I was doing.

“Uh uh.” He pulled me back against him hard. “I’m the one who gets to direct this. I want you to stay here and dance for us.”

Then he left me there in the middle of the floor. Some of my haze wore off allowing a little common sense in, but fate seemed to know that too because suddenly the music changed to something that always put me in the mood to dance.

All that lust seemed to bubble up out of me and I couldn’t help myself. I found her in the crowd, made eye contact again, and let my body move for her. It was swaying hips and letting my ass say what I never would out loud.

I’m not sure how long I danced, but Daniel’s arm around my waist was the only thing that stopped me.

“Sexy, Kitty.” He kissed me hard and I could taste bourbon and nicotine on his tongue. “I want you to dance for me like that back home.”

Where was she? “But…”

I closed my mouth and let him lead me out. There was no disguising the disappointment I felt at not getting to tough her skin, but the way he looked at me quelled much of that feeling. Having Daniel between my thighs would be enough.

The drive home was a blur of him revving me up. Or maybe it was me doing the revving. I couldn’t resist teasing him the way he’d done me all night. My head ended up in his lap the moment we took off, sampling what I’d felt had against me earlier.

His hips lifting and his groans were music to my ears. A sharp yank at my hair halted my progress toward sucking him dry. I made another attempt to have him, but he zipped up. He lifted my face to kiss me softly on the lips this time. It would’ve been tender, but what he said next changed that.

“The only place my cum is going tonight is in your ass.”

“Fuck,” I hissed out as he smiled the most wicked smile at me.

I scrambled out of the car, desperate to have what he’d hinted at all night when I’m stopped in my tracks.

Daniel’s behind me in a flash, his voice full of the promises he whispered on the dance floor. “Ah, time to open my birthday present.”

There she is…

No time for talking. I found myself walking to her, backing her to the door, and kissing those lips. She’s soft all over and I can’t help touching the skin just beneath her skirt. The way she pressed into me, her spicy scent strong as we kiss, made my blood hum. So different from how Daniel felt, I can’t get enough.

“Inside, ladies.”

We barely broke apart as he let us inside. The door closed and I set to peeling away her clothes. The tight shirt and skirt fell away to reveal a lacy black bra and panties.

Daniel pulled me away from her and stripped me down to nothing. He wrapped an arm around my waist, holding me against him. It was like earlier, eyes connecting across the room, and all that heat bouncing between us. She stood there, watching as he touched me, her skin flushed.

“I want you both in the bedroom. Now.”

His voice made everything within me clench with desire. It moved me into action. Anything Daniel wanted.

I led the way, knowing she was close behind quickened my steps. The bedroom door stood open and I rushed in to lay down.

“Uh uh. I want you on your knees licking that cunt, Kitty.”

I knelt by the bed, looking up at her. She hadn’t said a word the whole time, I didn’t even know her name, but her smile as she stepped up to me spoke volumes.

I watched as she slipped that lace down and stepped around me to settle on her back in the middle of the bed. She spread her legs wide and gave me the first look.

Pink; she was a rosy pink color that grew steadily darker as I watched. She was so wet, and the scent of her made me hungry. Dark red curls sat in a triangle on her mound and pointed like an arrow down to where I should go.

Did I want to go there?

I crept closer nervous all of sudden and wondering what I was doing. I didn’t like girls really…

A hand at the back of my neck stilled my thoughts. I watched as Daniel swept a finger through the cream leaking from her and brought it to my mouth.

“Open,” he demanded.

The taste of her… Sweet, sour, and different from my flavor. I sucked his finger clean and groaned my pleasure.

“Now eat.” He pulled away and with light pressure, he brought my face to her.

I gave her a kiss on the crease where her thigh met her body and savored her shiver at the contact. The first lick was tentative, but I wanted more. I wrap my arms around her thighs and dove in.

Her moans start soft and then come louder and louder as I find that perfect spot. I would’ve gone all night like that, licking her cunt, but Daniel was in control.

“Time for the rest of my present.”He lifted me off my knees and kept me bent with a hand on my neck. “Uh uh. Keep licking that cunt. Don’t let her cum until I say.”

He wasted no time dribbling lube down the crack of my ass and pushing in. Her legs closed around my head keeping me buried between her thighs.

Occupied at both ends, hemmed in by contrasting sensations, I let myself stop thinking. Daniel riding me hard from behind and the soft cunt in front of me held all my focus. He’d slow up and I’d ease back so she’d cool down, then he’d take me so fast and hard I could only hold still and let her ride my face.

I was pinioned and gladly.

“Yeah, that’s it. Lick that hot pussy, that’s my good girl.”

Oh, God. I was going to cum. I could feel it coiling in my belly. My fingers sank into her legs that quivered around me. Daniel was close, too. The erratic thrust of his hip and the way he started to swell inside my ass gave him away.

He came with a loud roar and the way he exploded inside me sent me over the edge. I wanted her with us so I sucked hard on her clit and delighted in her cries.

I lay my cheek on her belly with a soft sigh. “Happy birthday, Daniel.”


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      1. Dawn D

        It’s funny, I’m usually the opposite. When I write about hot scenes, it doesn’t make me hot. I often doubt the effect of what I write because of that…

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          1. Dawn D

            Well, you have more experience than me 🙂
            Or maybe it’s the second language thing.
            Or the fact I never thought I was any good at writing…
            Take a pick 😉

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      1. Savannah Carrier

        I haven’t recovered yet, but I hope to as soon as Will comes home and can provide me with a little bit of relief!

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          1. Dawn D

            I know!
            I did the FWB. I don’t know whether I could do it again. Because, eventually, I’m looking for more than that…
            Plus there is still guilt attached to it…
            But yeah! I definitely need some relief!

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    2. Dawn D

      Well, I was sitting in bed but it didn’t last long until I was lying… I didn’t have much time, so I couldn’t enjoy my second reading as much as I would have wanted. But I’d say: yes, it works 😉

  1. Savannah Carrier

    I wish that I was capable of doing that. But I am glad that I have Will but I’m afraid that’s not for a few more hours.

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