When desire and time collide 

You get boobies. 

There are a few posts wasting away in my draft box and in my mind. Starting a new assignment and resetting my brain takes time.

I think about those people who’ve left the blogging world because of a multitude of reasons. Time is always the biggest one. This site means a lot to me. Considering I’ve been blogging pretty steadily since 2004, I can’t imagine not having this place in some shape or form. 

But time is a bitch. 

My desire and time collide and I’m left wondering which will win. Writing is an outlet, an expression of things I’m untangling. Maybe it’s time to challenge myself to write something everyday for a while. Just to get the tangles out 

In the meantime, enjoy the boobies 


  1. Hyacinth

    I’m like you. I can’t imagine my life without the space, but as you know I’m also feeling stifled. I’ve felt loads better since I’ve decided to write more frequently and less “well”. It might do the trick for you too. xx Hy

  2. Aku

    It’s like you took the thoughts right out of my mind.
    Including enjoying what you’ve so kindly shared with us out here in the ‘verse, you look fantastic and that’s one of the nicer shots you’ve shared – can’t say what, but it’s striking and enticing.

  3. Beatnik du Jour

    I hope you keep it up, both your writing and your images are lovely and I’d hate to see them go away, not for myself, but as your outlet of expression. The world doesn’t often lend us that freedom, so we must take the opportunity when it arises.

  4. graypoet

    Always a pleasure I look forward to when I refresh myself with the blogs. I know the challenges of time of late, but I always find I miss you. Thank you for the effort you make and for sharing yourself.

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