Winky Face

I don’t usually do any kinda tribute thing because it’s not something I’m into, but every so often I get or see a photo that’ll do the trick. 

I have quite a fondness for a few bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting outside the interwebz (and for a few I haven’t met yet). Lola and H.H. are two I’m very fond of. And while HH tends to hide behind the scenes, when he does… Pop up, it’s rather enjoyable. 

I’m not naughty for just anyone! I have to like you a lot first.  


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  1. H.H.

    Wow! Today WordPress lets me comment! These shots are AMAZING! I thought that since it had been so long you might have lost your mojo for the special solo photography session. I do hope you had a good O from it and not just amazing pics!

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  2. H.H.

    Reblogged this on mysexlifewithlola and commented:
    A while ago, our dear friend Cara put out a call for requests. We answered the call with a request for pics of her getting off to our pics. This then appeared! WOW! Can’t wait to meet up with her again to fulfill her desire for a boudoir photo-session! Thanks Cara!!!!

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