Good girl. I’ll see you soon

An upshot of me touching myself

“Fucking traffic.”

The red lights ahead did not bode well for her getting to her scheduled stop on time.

Picking up her phone, she shot him a text. Stuck in traffic. Again. 😑

The bubbles danced in the text box before his response popped up. How much time does it add?

She toggled away and opened her map app. The long line of red that colored the path she was traveling made her groan. She toggled back. At least forty five minutes.

He didn’t respond. She knew he was in the middle of work so she toggled away to scroll through Twitter.

Ten minutes, and zero moments later, a text appeared on the drop down box at the top of her screen.

Pull up your dress and take a picture for me

She glanced around before lifting her dress. Her naked cunt peeked out from between her closed thighs. She sent the photo and then inched up as traffic moved a little.

His next text came quick. Good girl. Now show me.

Her cheeks felt hot as she parted her thighs and snapped a photo. She sent it and then sat her phone down so she could move forward more. Then it was a standstill again.

When her phone pinged, she grabbed it up.

I want you to lift your left leg so your knee is bent against the door and I want you to play with yourself until traffic starts moving freely

May I come? She shot back even as she moved to rest her knee on the door.


She groaned, squeezing her eyes shut. Another text and she glanced down.

I want you to be so eager to get to me that I’m all you think about. I’ll take care of my good girl.


Her hand shot between her thighs, caressing her vulva as she glanced around to see if anyone noticed.

The ping of the phone drew her attention.

You want everyone to see you, don’t you, little slut?

A truck sat close enough over that they could see if they were looking. That made her squirm in her seat as parted her labia to rub at her clit.

Her mind was filled with some many things. Him sitting beside her, whispering filthy things while she played with herself. A host of eyes glancing over at her every time she plunged her fingers deep into her cunt. A truck driver jerking off to her fucking herself.

She wanted to come so badly. Her thighs trembled with the need to. She nearly did, but the car in front of her moved and she had to focus on driving.

Putting her thighs together to move was torture. She had to stop herself from squeezing them, knowing the pressure would make her come.

Without being told, she snapped a picture of her wet fingers. She licked them clean after.

His reply came shortly after. Good girl. I’ll see you soon.

An upshot of me touching myself

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  1. Rush

    I once was getting a blow job in heavy summer traffic when a friend of mine and his wife pulled up next to me. She had to keep her head down until they eventually went by us which was quite a while. Meanwhile, I had to carry on a conversation with my friends.

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