The boost you need

Bare but for the sports bra

A continuation?

“My resolution is to make it through thirty minutes at the gym without dying.”

He looked up from the screen. A rivulet of sweat tracked down her cheek, large spots of it darkened her shirt, and she was pushing wet hair off her forehead.

“Well it seems like you survived it.”

She tossed her towel on the table and pulled her water bottle out of her gym bag.

“Barely. I used to be better at this. Where the hell did my energy go?” She looked at him, but he had a distracted look on his face. “Are you listening?”

The way he focused on her and smiled made her a little nervous.

“What did you think about last night at the party?”

Her heart rate kicked up just a little. She remembered the dry come on her inner thighs all night and the way he fucked her in the bathroom of the restaurant after the ball dropped.

“A lot of things.” She shot back as her body seemed to heat back up.

“Let me help you with your resolution, too.”

“How is that going to help me?”

“Come here and I’ll show you.” He beckoned her over to the space between his knees.

She only debated for a moment before approaching him and sliding to the floor in front of his chair. She forgot everything.

The bulge in his jeans made her forget. The sound of the teeth of the zipper releasing made her forget. The way his strong hands slowly peeled the denim away to reveal the hard jut of his cock made her forget.

“I do have something that’ll help.”

She would’ve laughed if she wasn’t so focused on the way his hand gripped the base then slid up to the head. Instead she leaned in, his other hand going to her neck to hold her still.

“Just watch.”

The pleasure contorted his face as she watched him masturbate into his fist. She wanted him in her mouth desperately, but he held her back. Staring on made her cunt ache and more sweat pour down her back.

His hips thrust up and his head fell back a little. “Take out your tits and open your mouth.”

She rushed to obey, wrestling her breasts out of her wet sports bra. Just as she opened her mouth wide for him, he groaned low as a little dribble spurted out. He aimed his cock at her chest, pumping slow so jets of come splattered her skin.

He pulled her forward, his cock sliding into her mouth so she could suck as he spurted on her tongue. She licked at the tip as come dripped down to hang from her nipples.

When she sat back on her heels, his softening cock lay against his zipper and he sighed softly. He reached forward to trail a finger through the mess he made on her. Bringing it up to her mouth, he painted her lips with come.

“I think that’ll give you the boost you need.”

Bare but for the sports bra

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