All Better

My drabbles have turned into flashes, but that’s okay. I’m just happy I’m writing again.

“I feel like every time I swallow there are butcher knives lining my throat, and you want to stick your dick in there?”

She put down her book just as he wagged his cock at her.

“Just a little suck.”

He released he grip on the cock he’d been waving in her face, leaned over for a kiss, and slid a hand down the front of her shorts.

“How’s about here? Razor blades down here?”

She almost rolled her eyes at him, but he brushed gentle fingers along her vulva and she found her legs spreading a little wider.

“I’m not feeling the best.”

The words were rasped out as he circled her clit. God, he could convince of a lot when he touched her like that.

“You feel pretty good to me. I could make you feel better.”

She groaned as he wiggled his eyebrows at her, but still found herself shimmying out of her shorts.

The next time she groaned, it was as he sank his cock deep into her cunt.

“See,” he murmured as he continued circling her clit. “Already sounding better.”

Cara with her hands down between her legs in post titled All Better


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