An upshot of me touching myself

A bit of flash for today’s storyin12.

“Victory in Jesus, my…”

She ducked out of the sanctuary into the hallway. Everyone was absorbed in the revival, she wouldn’t be missed.

Her heels clacked on the tile floors, the sound echoing off the walls as she hurried along.

As she passed another hall, a hand circled her arm, pulling her into a dark room. Soft lips met hers as fingertips made their way up her skirt. She groaned low when those fingers touched the gusset of her wet panties.

“Praise be, sister Mary.”

Her breath caught as the lips left hers and reappeared under her skirt, teasing at her clit.

“Praise be,” she swallowed a cry at the strong suction. “Sister Katherine.”

She arched back against the door when two fingers joined that talented mouth to tease her.

“The lord thanks you for your offering, sister.”

An upshot of Cara touching herself in post titled Revival


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