Flash for storyin12

I let Frank drag me out into a field in the middle of the night. He’d been on about crop circles for about a week after he’d had an “incident” on his way back from the pub.

Really, it started out as me trying to humour him, hoping coming out to a circle would convince him to get a fucking grip. Then it was gone midnight, the damp had soaked into my trousers, and I was well cold. I was ready to leave him to his ravings and be in my bed.

“Listen, mate, I get you’re… searching–”


Frank started waving his hands overhead at the sky. At first, I saw nothing and shook my head. He was loony, nothing for it. It was as I started to turn away that a bright, strobing light appeared.

Look I’m a level-headed bloke, you see, would’ve written it off as a ‘elicopter. Except, that light got too close too fast. One minute I’m scratching my head, staring into white light. The next minute, I’m in a big sterile room with an alien using a probe in my bum.

I didn’t want to believe either, but I’m a fucking believer now.


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