Light of Foot

I’d started a series of erotic fairy tales and one was along the lines of the original version of The Little Mermaid. It’s worth sharing as today’s Storyin12 word is dance

“I wasn’t sure you’d come, Sirena.”

His voice sent goosebumps all along her skin. She smiled and bowed for him.

Sirena began to dance without prompting. Her bare breasts swayed as she moved. Even as the pain radiated from her feet, she danced for him. She took the undying love in her heart, the need that always made her wet for him, and danced to the music in her mind. His eyes drove her on, moving her beyond the point of exhaustion. Tears leaked from her eyes, but they were carried off in the wind, her pain somehow less with him before her.

When her legs finally gave out, she collapsed on the sand. He was beside her in an instant, carrying her limp body from the rising tide over to the hidden grotto where she’d left him all those nights ago.

“Sirena.” His lips pressed hard against hers. “You’re always so graceful and beautiful.”

Her gums ached as badly as her feet, but she squashed that urge as she did before. Sirena wanted to get lost in him. In his kiss, in the feel of his body beneath the scratchy clothing he always wore, in the feel of his cock sliding into her sea that ran wet for him. That other urge had to be ignored.


  1. Elliott

    I like the fairy tale idea, nice idea for a little book too. I am liking your Storyin12Drabbles… I didn’t count this time… 100 words, right?

    Love the thought of tears in the wind, Cara. Love the line ‘the feel of his cock sliding into her sea that ran wet for him’.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      This one was over so not quite a drabble, but there wasn’t a spot I could cut that worked with the word for today.

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