Sticky Fingers

Me sucking my finger

They always underestimate me.

I’m a tiny woman who looks like I’m barely legal. A pretty smile, a little eye batting, and they’re hooked.

They’re too busy watching my tits jiggle to see my hands in their pocket.

Just last week, this big guy, gorgeous and stupid, was spouting some bullshit about his guns and his god. I was just a-smiling, making sure his eyes stayed on my body squeezed in a pretty checkered blouse tied tight and my favorite Daisy Dukes. I made sure his dick was happy and his wallet lighter.

I’m here at this bar now, scanning the crowd through the gray smoke and adjusting my tits in my tank top. I lean back against the bar and wait.

“You’re a pretty little thing.”

I glance to the left and just stop my eyes from lighting up. He’s cute with his mop of brown hair and bright blue eyes. I barely reach his broad shoulders and that smile of his is ultra white.

My drink is forgotten on the bar top as I turn to face him.

“Why thank you.”

I’m all smiles now, loving that his eyes scan from lips to toe before locking on my tits.

“You gonna buy me a drink, sir?”

The way his eyes heat up as I call him sir tell me I got this one on the hook.

I’m two drinks deep and I’m sure he’s caught my drift. He’s all smiles and southern charm, definitely not immune to any of my charm for sure. I press myself to him, breathing what I need in his ear.

We don’t bother going to his car. I’m actually hot for him, for his dick and his cash. I push him into the single stall men’s bathroom, barely locking the door before I’m reaching for his jeans.

“Hiding a fucking monster in there, eh?”

I’m on my knees on the grubby floor, holding his dick in two hands. He looks sheepish.

“It may be too much for you.”

I roll my eyes and swallow him down until his curlies tickle my nose. Always underestimating me.

It gives my jaw a workout, but I can take anything down my cock pocket. While he’s groaning above me, I’m feeling in the jeans bunched around his ankles for my second prize.

“Looking for something?”

I glance up, mouth full of cock, and see him holding his wallet. That arched eyebrow says he’s had my number for a while. I feel a frisson of nerves at the look in his eyes.

“Never a fan of thieves, even ones with a mouth as good as yours. But since I have you here…”

He grasps my hair, holding my head tight as he leers down at me. I can feel his cock grow just a little in my mouth, just the knowledge that he’s going to fuck my face enough to excite him.

His cock is leaving my mouth and shoving in to the back of my throat. I brace my hands on his knees and let him work, sucking hard on the back stroke. Not ideal, but I’m still getting something.

I choke a bit on every couple of thrusts, his hips snapping hard enough to fuck with my rhythm. This man’s goal from the beginning has been to fuck with my rhythm.

He grunts above me then groans low in his chest before holding me still and coming. I swallow every drop, savoring the taste of him in my mouth. He releases me reluctantly, allowing me to set back on my heels. I wipe my mouth and stare as he puts himself away.

“Naughty girls like you only deserve a face fuck and then sent thing on their way.” He pulls me to my feet and smacks my ass hard. “Stop stealing.”

He pops my other cheek as I unlatch the door. I’m going to have two prints beneath my Daisy Dukes.

He squeezes past me in the hallway, leaving me there to catch my breath and lick my wounds.

I watch his broad back as he makes his way out of the bar. I know without looking he was wearing that smug smile that said he’d bested me.

There’s a beer waiting for me when I return to the bar top. I nod to Cas as he rubs down glasses.

“You score?”

I lick the dab of come off the corner of my mouth. The bills I’d taken from him, the ones he thought I couldn’t get, where deep in the valley of my tits. They smelled of him, or maybe that was scent of him on my mouth.

“Don’t I always?”

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  1. Elliott

    The image in my mind of a checkered blouse and daisy Dukes got me stiffening as I began to read your story. Nice sexy first person read, Cara.

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