Hairy Truth

Cara's hairy thighs in red fishnets

I struggle with my hairy body.

My ethnicity means my hair is coarse, thicker, and abundant/obvious. I struggle with not feeling comfortable showing my armpits when I’ve gone longer than two days shaving, or my legs with the stubble gets past a certain point.

I am hairy. I get it on my inner thighs, this rapid growing and dark hair that goes from light sprinkles to dense forest, from the crease of my thigh almost down to my knee. It’s little hairs under my chin, ones that started as one or two, but have progressed to multiple annoying strands that are long.

The hair covering my cunt will no longer stay in a neat square. It’s a wild between my thighs, moving from labia out, covering the bottom of my bum and trailing up beneath my stomach.

It sits around my bellybutton, not the barely there fuzz, but dark and coarse. Curly and obvious.

I get bumps as the hair grows back in after shaving. My skins way of showing it’s own form of unhappiness at the hair being present.

Let me say I don’t consider body hair gross or dirty. If by myself, I don’t mind it. I can go all winter without a shave and really not have much thought about it. If there’s a passing chance someone may have to lay eyes on me? Well, then things get a little uncomfortable.

My mother is very old school. Maybe she’ll shave her armpits if the mood strikes, but she’s never shaved her legs and her muff stays as hairy as it likes.

“Black girls don’t need to shave.”

“It’s natural.” (Funny as she’s not a huge fan of natural hair even though she had natural hair through the 60s&70s.)

None of her black girlfriends did or do. I’m not sure any of my female family members bother.

No one told me that having hair under my chin was a thing for a woman as they aged. My mother has chin hair and always passes it off as life, but I never really got it until recently. I felt weird until I spoke with other women talking about it like it was a normal thing.

Daddy (Michael) will stroke my thighs and I’ll have to say sorry because I haven’t shaved. He’ll tell me he likes me as I am.

Him telling me that has had me thinking about why I’m so uncomfortable, almost apologetic about my hairy legs/thighs/cunt/armpits.

I’m just not comfortable leaving it. The hair on my inner thighs bothers me the most. What guy wants to touch me there if I’m so hairy?

He does. That’s comforting, having a man okay with hair not where it’s supposed to grow. I just need to work on being more comfortable. It isn’t gross, it’s hair, and it’s okay if it doesn’t stay put where I think it should.

I’m not sure I’m going to ever get to the point that I can go out with hairy thighs, but I can stop apologizing for it. There’s far too much I say sorry for, and hair needs to stop being one of them.


  1. Indigo

    I’m totally with you on the chin hairs here Cara I keep tweezers in my car because I often find one I’ve missed when I’m out driving. Now I’m betting that your Dom is hairy too and that you may well find hair on his thighs sexy too and maybe play with it when having moments of intimacy…
    And what a gorgeous contrast to be able to move between the hair on your body and your smooth bits including your tits and cunt. As I’ve aged my pubes have moved from bush to twigs. I look at pics that Tits and Test Tubes posts of her body and just sigh. Take heart lovely woman and take heed as well. Indie xx

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      It’s funny how much I can not mind hair on him but struggle with hair on my body. It doesn’t always bother me, but I do have to work to overcome the learner dislike

  2. Kayla Lords

    As someone who shaves, waxes, and tweezes constantly because I *hate* my excess body hair (my people apparently are swarthy), you might not expect me to say this, but…

    Wherever hair grows on your body, it’s SUPPOSED to grow there. So yes, even the hair on your thighs that you hate (I hate it too) is actually supposed to be there. Would JB still love me and want me if I stopped removing hair from my body? I have no doubt. Let Michael’s response guide you as best as you can — as hard as that can be.

    1. Post
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  4. Marie Rebelle

    Oh those chin hair… those chin hair… they drive me absolutely crazy. I drive into work every day and traffic can be quite heavy. I have tweezers in my car and I am constantly using those, trying to catch those little buggers on my chin and pull them out… can you picture me in traffic every morning?
    I shave, wax, tweeze… yes I pull them all out, even though I know we should accept our body hair.

    The image, Cara, is very sexy!

    Rebel xox

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I find myself sitting places, in conversation with people, stroking them or trying to pull them out. They are obnoxious little buggers

  5. Dawn D

    I have struggled with body hair since before I was a teen. But as I read your post, I had the same reaction as Kayla. The fact we don’t LIKE hair in certain places doesn’t mean it’s not SUPPOSED to grow there!
    If it grows, it’s natural.
    My problem is with the chin hair. My fingers drift to it, play with it without my realising, then… I get sores because I’ve scratched at them

    Glad you’re realising you need to be as accepting of yourself as others are.
    And I too found this image beautiful.

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