Bare Necessities

I feel like wearing fishnets is some cool fashion thing that I totally missed the boat on. That cool thing all girls are interested in doing or experiencing because it’s sexy and makes your legs look fun.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fishnet person. I’ve never been one to wear hose, hold ups, stockings, or anything on my legs.

It’s not because I don’t like them. I own stockings and garters that look sexy with corsets I have. My drawer is filled with pretty things and I’ve taken a photo or two with me wearing them.

Cara standing, wearing garters and black stockings in post titled Bare NecessitiesCara standing with her knee bent, wearing a pale flowered corset and white stockings in post titled Bare Necessities

I just don’t really wear anything on my legs. Partly because of laziness and maybe slightly because I don’t think they look sexy on me. That encompasses all hosiery that falls into that category.

The plus side is I don’t have any negative feelings or history tied to fishnets. I think they look awesome on women, don’t see any shame about wearing them, and know they can evoke sexiness. My mind just doesn’t intentionally skip to wearing fishnets as an accessory to wear for a date.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived with a mother who’s practical and tend to be practical myself. If it can be done bare legged, I’ll do it.

I feel like I missed the boat.

Like because they didn’t make an appearance in my formative years (no women I knew were wearing them, not something I saw on my peers, or something I really saw on TV), I don’t have an opinion. I’m just… ambivalent and that’s strange to me.

This was the first time I’d ever tried a body stocking. It looks really hot on me and against my skin, but I don’t find I have this need to be in fishnets.

Or this lovely photo by Molly. The fishnets looked and felt awesome against my skin. I had a lovely little spanking where the pattern was almost etched into my skin. As I was being spanked, I was told to rub my clit and it was easy to do with the holes. Even after all that I still don’t possess any strong feelings about fishnets.

They are sexy, but I find I’m rather meh about this or any hosiery. I almost feel bad writing a post about my non-existent feelings instead of a sexy story. So here’s a sexy short story too?

She contemplated her bare legs in the mirror. The dress, a black number that barely covered her ass, needed a little something to catch his eye.

Reaching into her drawer, she pulled out her red fishnets. Stepping into them, they slid up her thighs and over her naked bum. The seam sat right between her labia, becoming a delicious rub on her clit as she shifted it to the perfect spot.

It was easy to imagine his finger pressing there, right over that seam, as they ate dinner.

“You ready to go?”

She slipped into her shoes and followed him out the door.

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  1. Mrs Fever

    ‘Meh’ is pretty much where I stand with fishnets as well, at least where wearing them myself is concerned.

    You mentioned having a practical mother, and as my mom is also pragmatic (probably to a fault) and I have very much followed in those (decidedly NOT hosiery-clad) footsteps, I’ve no doubt my ‘meh’ is well-rooted (well heeled?) — if not in heredity, at least in my upbringing.

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      Cara Thereon

      I do wonder if it’s more related to how moms shape us. I was trying to examine my ambivalent feelings and I honestly think it’s related to that

  2. Marie Rebelle

    Those images of you are gorgeous!
    I don’t think you should feel meh about not having any sexy feelings about fishnets. We cannot all like the same things, right?

    Rebel xox

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  3. Daylia

    You’ve one hot body Car a, beautiful breasts and nips, like a nipple piercing, mine didn’t take, but yes, one v hot sexy body.
    I hate hosiery, I’m very short so everything is too long, I look great in stockings and suspenders but they end up rolling down, just hanging on by the strap. Stay-ups roll down, I wear them for photos or if Master wanted me to wear them, but I’d much rather go bare legged and bare bottom and pussy. Just socks on and in the winter long fluffy slippers or boots, in the summer if, IF it’s warm, I may go bare foot too. I love my Basque though, Master thinks I should wear it with a skirt just in the day but I haven’t the nerve to do it. But love this Car a xxxx

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  4. Lixie

    I feel a bit like you about fishnets. I wear them sometimes (mainly white or black and mainly with shorts), but I usually prefer to show my bare legs or use normal stockings. Anyway, this red pair becomes you very much; you look very pretty and foxy!

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  5. Posy Churchgate

    Everyone is different, so if they don’t ‘rev you up’ its OK, but they do look gorgeous on you, as does your other lingerie. Are you maybe someone who likes to mix it up rather than have all lingerie matching? Whatever … you look red hot!

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  6. May More

    Stunning shots – but i know what you mean about not needing to have any garments on your legs – the guy in my story would be happy with u about that 😉 but they do look hot on you 😉

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  7. alfredovela

    The picture could be from a 1970”s LP cover! Great photograph, very striking. Missy still has a fishnet body stocking to be unwrapped that we didn”t get round to at Eroticon. Maybe next week!

  8. Bee

    I’m rarely a bare legged girl mainly because I’m always so damn cold, not that fishnets help in those scenarios!

    But as I said, you look great in fishnets.

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  9. Aku

    I’ll say this much – I’m not a big fan either way of things like fishnets, I find that clothing and sexiness of different clothing depends on the person wearing them.
    For eg: those body stocking type outfits, they clearly work for you and how!

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