NaNo Week 5

Well, we’re all done with NaNo for the year.

To recap the week, here’s what happened:

Theme: Tasks

The Task of Tasks: 865 words

Splish Splash: 545 words

Eye Peepers: 760 words

Task at Hand: 1435 words

That brings the total for the week to 3605 and the month to 23,144. I missed a couple days this past week with the way my schedule worked so this is week fell short on the daily goal. I wish I had at least gotten to 25K, but the number I got is better than not writing at all.

Part of me is sad it’s over. I feel like I put out a lot of good work this past month. I tried horror, which is a challenge for me as a genre. My favorite post from that week was Don’t Tell. A few that seemed to garner good responses were Swap, Beauty Queen, and Wolves for the other weeks.

A friend asked if I’d exchange work with him. He was warned about the content of my work and he said he was fine with it. I’ll have to compile everything (and maybe leave a few things out) and see how he likes it.

Until next year? Or next time I need to have a month long writing run. So, that’s all, folks!


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      Cara Thereon

      I don’t know if I’d call Wolves horror. Paranormal maybe, but it’s not scary so I think it bumps it out of hirror

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