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Greetings and salutations.

Welcome to that weekly post where I (and other similarly minded kinksters) scour the net to bring you Posts of note.

Kayla Lords Sensation is My Muse

This captures what I want people to feel when they read my reading. I want it to move you, touch you, arouse you. Just as long as you feel something.

MollysDailyKiss Roll With Me

This one is older. No matter as it speaks clearly to how I feel about kink. Freedom. Freedom to express how I feel and what I want. Kink has helped me in ways I can’t always explain.

Tits and Test Tubes A New Perspective

This was spicy and fun and very worth noting for the hotness alone. And there’s something extra sexy about girls with glasses.

May Moore Why Should We Call Ourselves Sinner

Oh. God. This was sooooo naughty. As a backslid Christian, this was naughty in ways that made me squirm and feel just a tiny bit of Christian guilt over. Very very hot.

Here’s my weekly bottom line:

There’s so much good content and we only scratch the surface of what’s out there to read. I know with my schedule, it’s hard getting to everything that’s posted through the week. It means I miss a ton of things, which is sad.

What that means is you have the opportunity to find and post things on your platform. The blog is yours (unless you’re on a WordPress.com then buy your page and own your content!) use the platform that’s yours to promote the things out in the blogosphere.

The Top 100 Sex Bloggers list is out courtesy of MollysDailyKiss. Do go check it out, and give both Molly and DomSigns some loving for all the hard work that went into making it happen. There are other #SoSS posts going up today, also. Check those out to find the good stuff that abounds.

Times are trying. Let’s carve out a little section of the net and rule it. Don’t let anyone tell you to regret or hide your kink. This is valuable, YOU are valuable here. Show that and share that.

Happy Saturday, and as always, drinks on me

A green alcoholic drink, freshly made on a chopping board with pestle beside in it, in post titled #SoSS shared


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