“Your daughter tied up in a Brooklyn basement.”

Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G

Daddy’s good girl.

Where are you supposed to be, little girl?

At that fundraiser your Pops is putting on uptown, wearing that Fendy dress and them Louis heels. Making Daddy proud as you connect those social dots and find that man with the right degree he’d be proud to call his son-in-law.


Here in this Brooklyn basement with me. Stripped to your skin, wearing my brand of ownership on your hip, and my ropes around your body. Hair a mess and no makeup in sight.

You’re tossing your Daddy’s million dollar education down the drain for the chance to fuck a man who will make far less than six figures a year.

Aren’t you a rebel, little girl.

You can be whatever you want when you’re out there pleasing your Pop. Make no mistake, when you’re in here. You. Are. Mine.

I will own you. I will fuck what’s mine, beat what’s mine, and love what’s mine.

You beg for the feel of my whip on your back. My bougie, uptown girl staring up at me with pleading eyes.

“Please, will you spank me, Sir.”

Spank you until your perfectly applied mascara runs black down your cheeks from your tears. Until you’ve made a mess of your curls from tossing your head. Until your lipstick is smeared.

Until I’ve ruined Daddy’s girl because she ain’t looking for vanilla. What she’s looking for is that boy from the ghetto who knows exactly what she likes. And you do like it, don’t you?

Thank me. Say it loud so there’s no doubt.

“Thank you, Sir, for owning me.”

That’s right.

I won’t tell your Daddy what you like. It’ll always be our secret. That thing only we know, but that’ll be obvious as my marks on your skin.

When you’re partying and my come cools in your thighs. When you wince as you settle your ass on a chair. When your jaw aches as you talk from sucking my cock.

I’ll be your dirty little secret.

You’ll be my dirty little girl.


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