The Task of Tasks

Day 36: 865 words. Prompt was about the why of tasks

“You’re making this harder than it needs to be, kitten.”

She slumped down on the couch, the computer hanging precariously on the edge of her leg. Of course she was making it harder than was necessary, but she couldn’t seem to get her mind to wrap itself around the prompt.

Ever patient, he removed her computer from her lap before it went to the ground and then pulled her feet up into his lap.

“Lie back. We’re going to talk through this and I’ll help you work out a story.”

She lay back. Drawing in a deep breath, she relaxed down as he began rubbing her feet. She let her eyes close and her mind drift for a minute.

“I want you to explain something to me, kitten. First, tell me how you felt when I made you edge.”

Her body came alive thinking of that particular task. The way her clit seemed to respond faster and faster to the touch of her fingers, how wet her body became at the thought of approaching the edge, how her nipples would point and her heart would race and her thighs would tremble…

“I felt jumpy. Like if you’d just whisper the words in my ear to come, that I would explode. It was torture, but I wanted it because I felt ready to be used by you.”

Heat rose on her face at that, but she didn’t look away.

“Good.” He continued rubbing her feet, moving up to her legs and then back down. “Tell me the purpose of doing it?”

“Well, I was naughty.”

“Yes, but why else? Why do I have you do these things that make you squirmy, needy, or even pouty.”

She chuckled, knowing she’d been especially pouty when he’d made her edge. Her laughter died away as she considered his words.

“The tasks remind me that you’re in control. I’ve given you control and sometimes it’s a challenge to let you lead me. The tasks are there to bring my mind back around to you being in charge. Also, that sometimes I need correction or guidance, and just telling me may not help get the point across as well as having to do something.”

He squeezed a particularly tense part of her foot and she shuddered with pleasure. Oh god, he was great at finding and working the tension out of her life. She melted into the couch, enjoying his touch and being near him.

“So what about when you mess up, kitten? What can you learn when you fail at a task?”

That drew her out of her languid state. She hated messing up. Not completing a task always made her feel like she was letting him down. Was that the point of failing a task?

“This is hard, Daddy.”

“Just think on it a minute. When you make a mistake at work, what do you learn?”

“I learn that failure happens, but I also learn that there’s a better or safer way to do things or that I can and should ask for help to prevent myself from messing up again.”

“So apply that to missing a day of doing your affirmation.”

She started to cover her face in embarrassment because she had missed her affirmation once or twice in the recent past. His pointed look stopped her before she warned herself trouble.

“Well, I’m to do my affirmation as a reminder of the things I’m aiming for in my life or a reminder that I belong to you. I’m your kitten and I’m safe to explore and learn about myself in my relationship with you. In life in general it’s a reminder that I’m not going this alone and have help.”

His hands moved higher, massaging her thighs and making her squirm. He moved back down to her lower legs so she could focus.

“So what does missing your affirmation do? What are the consequences?”

“Aside from a spanking? It makes me lose focus. I miss a chance to make that truth a deeper part of my daily understanding of who I am. Changing the language in my head leads to changing how I behave. Plus I lose a chance to reaffirm my connection to you.”

“Tasks aren’t about making busy work for you, kitten. It’s to give you focus when you are overwhelmed or too busy. It offers connection to me when you do things for me. It takes your head out of stressful or distracting places and puts it back where it’s supposed to be. It reminds you that I’m your Daddy and very much in control, right kitten?”

His hands had moved back up her thighs, then higher still to the space between to rub her cunt through her leggings. Her eyes fell closed again, her focus on the way he pressed and rubbed.

He pulled her down so she was laying over her lap, giving him better access to her cunt. God, it felt good to just spread her legs and let him touch her, to submit to his complete mastery of her body.

“Daddy’s very much in control of his kitten, isn’t he?”

She opened her eyes and moaned out softly, “Yes, Daddy.”

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