NaNo Report: Week 4

Almost done! One week left! Hooray!

In glancing back, I only missed yesterday in my goal to write something daily. Sleep was vitally important to my continued career success so writing had to wait.

Theme: Animals

Had a little prompt help on a few of these from DomSigns and Molly.

Furry: 530 words

Pet Hold: 535 words

A Painting at a Zoo: 800 words

Wild Dogs: 880 words

Proper: 525 words

Interlude: 320 words

Wolves: 1100 words

Ended up with 4,690 words total for the week and 20,079 words overall. Less than the previous week, but still not bad having missed a day. Feel like there were some pretty good stories over the last week also.

On to the last few days of NaNo. Thanks for reading. 😊

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