Bonus: 525 words. It demanded to be written so write I did. 

A kitten must be fucked properly.

He told her that every morning when he woke her. She’d open her eyes to the feeling of his cock buried deep in her cunt, and him whispering that truth in her ears. It was important it be done right or the day couldn’t start as it should.

A kitten must be filled with come.

This morning he let her wake on her own. It felt wrong to her though, her cunt being so empty. It wept it’s own special tears, ready as it were to be tended to properly.

She mewled her disappointment, shifting her hips up in bed and seeking his heat. He hadn’t gone far, resting beside her with a secret smile on his face as he watched her squirm.

Kittens must go about their day with the scent of sex on their skin

“Please,” she whimpered, her little bottom wagging.

“And what do you need, girl?” He traced a line down her back. “Use your words.”

“I need…”

He grabbed a first full of her hair and pulled her head back. It was a hurt she welcomed. His eyes had darkened as something animal leeched in.

“Tell me.”

“Use me, please.” Her hips lifted again even as her neck strained in his grasp. “I need your come inside me.”

He released her, letting her head fall back on the pillow. He’d donned boxers sometime while she slept, hiding his cock away.

“Eyes on me, slut.” When she turned her head from the pillow, he pushed the fabric down, letting his flesh bounce free. “On your knees.”

She scrambled up, arching so her ass was exactly where he wanted it. Instead of fucking her like she needed, he teased her. Up and down, his dick slicking through her wetness and skimming her clit without entering her.

“Please,” she cried with each pass.

“What does a kitten need?”

She trembled, her hips humping in a desperate attempt to feel him inside her. When she didn’t answer, his hand fell heavy on her flank drawing a cry from her.

“A kitten needs to be fucked properly and filled with come.”

The words were a prayer; one of desperation and need.

“Ah, but I think this kitten needs to work for come this morning. Don’t you, kitten?”

He gripped her hip in a punishing grip and she knew to hold still. Bruises would form where he held her, but she welcomed that coming soreness as well.

“Part your cheeks,” he demanded then fit himself to her cunt.

She reached back, parting her flesh so he saw it all. The wink of her ass and the wet pussy below it belonged to him. It was his and she could hide nothing.

A kitten must be fucked properly.

“Push back. I want you to fuck yourself on my cock. Make me come.”

A kitten must be filled with come

There was no other way for her to start her day. Her purr of satisfaction came from deep in her core.

She worked herself on him, determined to feel his come and have it leaking from her as was her morning requirement.

A very naked, brown skinned kitten in post titled Proper


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