A photo of Cara naked on a couch, hogtied with arms and legs bound back, with green rooe

My silly muse. This started out as an idea with racial overtones, but evolved into something else. Maybe I’ll redux it with the original theme another time. Enjoy.

She was pissed. So mad any thought of fear was shut out by the need to rip this motherfucker’s head off. She tugged at her restraints, frustrated by the position she’d found herself in and plotting how to get out of it. She was holding tight to her anger, ignoring a number of things, including her nudity.

“Hey, dickhead,” she yelled. “You could at least give me a fucking blanket.”

That got the man’s attention sitting at the tv. He stood, his eyes racking her body slowly before he sauntered over to where she kneeled. Any other time, she’d give him a second glance at least. He wasn’t gorgeous, but there was something about him that at least caught her attention. It was his smiling mouth and intense eye that saw too much, but she ignored that fact and focused on being mad.

He stopped in front of her, close enough she could smell the dirt on his jeans. He just stared down at her, examining every inch of her and making her feel vulnerable.

“You’re obviously not deaf. Can I get a blanket? Better yet, can you just let me go?”

He reached out to grab her face, his fingers biting into her skin. Her attempts to free herself only earned her a tighter grip that made her jaw hurt. His gaze scared her, bringing that fear she’d been ignoring closer to the surface.

“You’ll be here until I decide I’m done with you, and right now I prefer you naked.”

His voice was deep, deeper than his appearance would lead you to believe, but it caressed instead of punched. He knew how to use that voice to get what he wanted. Pleasure or pain, he demanded it with the way he spoke.

The hand holding her aching jaw dropped to her neck and she froze. He wrapped it around her throat, but didn’t squeeze. The threat was clear.

“What do you want with me?”

He stepped closer and let his hand circle around to her nape. With his other, he touched her lips, holding her still when she would’ve moved away. He gripped her chin once more and pressed his thumb against her lips.

“Do you really want to know? Because I don’t think you’re ready to know the ways I plan to use you.”

Fear had long bypassed anger and she shook with it. His eyes held an ugly promise in them that made her want to run, but the way he held her head told her there was no easy way out of his grasp.

“Why?” She’d no sooner whispered the words then he pressed his thumb into her mouth.

“Because I wanted you so I took you. No other reason.” He thrust his thumb deeper. “You won’t get it now, but let me help you to understand a little better.”

He pulled his thumb from her mouth and unbuttoned his fly. She watched as he pulled his hard cock out, the tip just brushing her lips.

“I’ll give you a choice: your mouth or a place of my choosing?”

There was no choice, she groused silently. She wanted to shout at him, but ground her teeth together, refusing to answer at all. Fuck him.

He simply smiled. Leaning down, he brought her face close to his. “You want to be sassy? That’s fine by me. It means I’ll enjoy hurting you even more.”

Faster than she thought possible, he was behind her yanking her ass up.


He moved as though she hadn’t spoken, kicking her legs wide to step between them. “I want to hurt you.”

Wetness hit her asshole and then she felt his cock right there. He was inching in, breaching her slowly. She couldn’t squirm away with the restraints or his hold. He continued to ignore her cries, easing in until his hips rested against her ass.

“You’ll learn to love the way I hurt you.” He withdrew and thrust back in hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. “Not today, but soon enough.”

A photo of Cara naked on a couch, hogtied with arms and legs bound back, with green rooe


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