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Blurry photo of Cara from behind in post titled All Saints

This will end up being redone, but since I wrote it I’m posting it as is. Unedited.

Ryan examined the man who sat across from him. The gelled hair, expensive suit, and gym body didn’t make the man someone he’d usually associate with outside of work. Too pressed and put together for his tastes, but he’d learned appearances were just that when it came to what we hid underneath.

“So who told you about me?” Ryan tilted the chair on its back legs so he could lean into the wall. “I don’t advertise my services.”

The man looked uncomfortable for a brief moment before the look cleared from his face. Ryan made note of that look, but otherwise waited patiently.

“Just a mutual friend with mutual tastes.”

None of their friends would have much in common under normal circumstances, but Ryan knew a number of people whose tastes ran dark.

Ryan wasn’t a fool though. He knew it was stupid to think anyone who sought him out wasn’t dangerous. He was careful for a reason and no suit was going to catch him unaware.

“Look, I don’t know who told you about me, but I only deal in consensual activities.”

“What I’m asking is very consensual. My boss is who told me about you and my wife has told me her fantasies. I admit there’s a certain… something to the idea that I readily agreed to.”

Now that surprised him. Maybe he ought to revise his assessment of this man, or his taste in women at least. Ryan was full of wrong assumptions tonight.

He leaned in and waited until the man leaned in too before laying out his usual plan.

“I’d grab her off the street. Take her before she even had a chance to think about getting away from me. Blindfolded and hands bound behind her back, I’d drive her wherever you’d want her. I’d set up a camera in the back of the van and video her as I stripped her naked. You’d have the cage there in the specific size I require. I’d carry your naked wife in, enjoying her fear and her struggle. Face down in that cage, hands chained to the floor, head out one end, ass and cunt out the other.”

Ryan leaned forward a little more, enjoying the way the man’s eyes dilated. Oh, they had a lot in common.

“I’d alternate between fucking her ass and her cunt, listening to her cry out. She’d have a vibrator placed on her clit, throbbing nice and steady until she comes like a screaming banshee all over my cock.”

The man swallowed hard and Ryan smiled. He’d lay odds his cook was hard as steel in this pressed dress pants.

“I’d take off her blindfold so she can see you, watching her get fucked by a stranger. Watching her come like a bitch in heat. Then I’d leave her there, tied and soaked with both our juices.”

Ryan pauses for a second before leaning back on two legs.

“And you’ll fuck her used cunt after I’m done, won’t you? Because you can’t be the one to hurt, but you’ll let me fuck her and hurt her just to get yourself off.”

A blush colored the other man’s face and Ryan felt a rush of satisfaction. He had a feeling he’d enjoy working with this guy a lot.


  1. Accidental Masturbator

    This interests me.
    I’ll acknowledge I got a semi from reading it, but my interest is more from a psychological perspective than an erotic one:
    And ex, Geri, had what she refered to as a rape fantasy, and in a manner more limmited than your story, I was part of her experiencing that fantasy … which she said she’d enjoyed.
    A previous ex had been date raped, and I witnessed the scars.
    I’m really not into BDSM in the way that many of the sex bloggers I interact with, so I don’t wholy get the control dynamic, but even that asside, I find it perplexing that a woman would a) entertain such fantasies, and b) write such a story.
    The whole thing is so politically and emotionally charged it messes with my head.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      It’s hard to explain. Or it’s not something I have the ability to explain well at least. I can say I like many aspects of it and that’s what matters really

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