Wrapped in a brown towel

It was well past midnight when I slipped out of my room. The usual cacophony that marked the full house was blissfully silent as I walked along the hallway. My nipples tightened the closer I came to your door. 

I stopped before it, wondering if you’d receive me like always or if things had changed with the new woman in your life. My heart skipped a beat as I wondered at how different things would become now. I nearly turned back, but the need hummed inside me, begging for one more time with you before you treated me like everyone else. 

The knob turned easy, a welcome sign. I slipped inside, greeted by your scent as it permeated the room. Moonlight spills across the bed, illuminating you so your skin glows. 

I’m drawn to your bedside, unable to resist the pull of your body. 

The moment my body depresses the bed beside you, your eyes open. You take one look at me, my form bare in the light, and the sleepy gaze is replaced by one of hunger so intense I moan. 

I’m draped across you in the next moment. Skin to skin, lips connecting in heated frenzy. You taste of sweetness and my tongue dips inside your mouth to taste as much of it as I can. 
Your hand pushes between us to grasp my cunt. This time we both moan; me at the feeling of your thick fingers sliding into me, and you at the wetness greeting you. 

My hands fumble for your cock, but you manage to evade my touch. 

“No,” you breathe against my lips, “this is all about you.”

Part of me felt the truth of the message buried deeper in those words. This was it. You’ll be lost to me in every way. I want to weep with the pain of it as it lanced my heart. 

You drew me into another kiss that brought my mind back around to the moment. 

“Be here.” You pressed your fingers in deep, tapping my g-spot and making me arch. “Be right here with me.”

I clung to you, your broad shoulders and drugging lips anchored me. The tears would come later, my weeping would be long and bitter, but right then you were still mine. 

You scissored your fingers, your thumb working my clit. You knew my body so well.  How to curl your fingers or massage my clit or bite at my nipple so it zings to my cunt. No one played me better. 

I felt my orgasm bubble up like fresh champagne. Everything tingled, my head felt light from the intensity of your kiss. I knew this would rock my world, and no matter how I tried to hold it off, it crashed over me like a tidal wave. My nails dug into your back, making you groan softly. 

You kissed away my garbled cries, fingering me slowly to draw out every bit of passion. All of me was yours and you knew it in that undisguised moment. 

I rested against you, spent emotionally and physically. You slipped your fingers from me, licking away the traces of my desire. You held me after, arms so tight I could feel your heart beat as if it were my own. I loved you more than I could say and tears flowed unchecked as you touched me so gently. I wanted to sink into you forever. Losing you would rip me apart. 


I don’t know what I would’ve said, but you silenced me with a kiss. 

“You have to go, mother.” You kissed my forehead as if to say goodbye. 

It took everything in me to leave you, but I did go. The door shutting behind me felt like the ending I never though I’d have with you. 


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