Yes, Sir

I heard his footsteps on the carpet. Nothing loud or noticeable, but anticipation had sharpened my senses so even his light tread made my ears perk up.

My eyes remained shut as he requested, no blindfold just his command to obey. Just his promise of pleasure if I’ve been a good girl.

Resisting the urge to squirm was difficult, but my body reacted in other ways to his approach. The air sensitized my body, sending goosebumps along my skin. My nipples furled tight as though reaching for him. As my heart beat wild in my chest, I captured my lower lip in my teeth to keep from whimpering for him.

“Here’s my pretty pet.”

His voice, a low timber that tickled along my spine, made me tremble. He was near and I longed for him to touch me.

I could feel his warmth heating my skin. My body, bare and eager, ready for him.

Fingertips brush along my shoulder and I do whimper. He’ll tease until I beg or break, and I swallowed back more whimpers as he continued to draw calloused fingers over my body.

“Open your eyes. Were you a good girl today?”

I take him in. He’s dressed casually, comfortable in his jeans and work shirt. He appeared unassuming, but I know who he is beneath the laid back appearance. I know what he’s capable of doing to my body.

I took a breath to steady myself before I speak. Even then my reply is more breathless than I thought possible.

“Yes, sir. I was good for you.”

He hummed low before his hand slipped between my thighs from behind, palming my cunt. I parted my thighs, but barely resisted the urge to rub against that resting hand.

“And what do good girls get?”

He cirlced around to my front without releasing me so we were chest to chest. I drew in a deep breath, taking in the warm scent of him. I’m not sure where he’s been, but he smells of trees and sunshine and I want to lean into him.

“Good girls get spankings.”

“After they kneel pretty for their Sir.”

When he released me with a pinch at my clit, I just contain my gasp. I slipped to my knees with only a slight wobble, placing my hands palm up on my thighs when I’ve settled on my heels.

“Good girl.”

His praise excited me and made me smile. Even after hearing it so often, I still felt that spike of arousal when he told me I’m good.

“Now down.”

I wend to my forearms, lowering my head to the ground and my ass in the air. I spread my thighs wide, hiding nothing.

“How many?”

My ass wiggled at that question, my clit throbbed at the promise of pain.  He palmed my cunt again and I went still.

“As many as you think I need, sir.”

He only laughs. “You may regret that answer, pet.”

The feel of soft leather teased my back. I don’t tell him I won’t regret it at all. He knew my limits and he’d take me right to the edge.

I couldn’t be silent when the flogger fell. It’s my release and I must let it fall from my lips.

I lifted ass higher, I rocked back into each blow, and I thank him.

“Thank you, sir.”


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