“Don’t be gentle”

The low lights, the gentle caresses, the soft kisses. She should’ve felt like a princess with her prince. Instead she was frustrated and bored. 

“What’s the matter?” 

His abrupt question pulled her out of the figures she was running in her head. Embarrassment sent heat to her face as she glanced down between her thighs at him. His blue eyes gazed back at her steadily. 

This lover was attentive, patient, gentle. Those were qualities to attract any woman and usually she’d love those things, but right now gentle wasn’t getting the job done. 

She fumbled for a response that wouldn’t seem callous. “Uh, just distracted.” 

He shifted up the bed, settling between her thighs so they were eye to eye. The serious look on his face made her nervous, but she was distracted again. This time by his body. His cock was hard and felt amazing just resting on her cunt. The contact alone inspired thoughts of  him holding her down, his cock bumping hard against her cervix, until she cried out. 


Her eyes widened at the slip while his narrowed on her expression. The careful way he inspected her made her feel vulnerable like he saw everything. Even as her face burned hotter, her treacherous hips rocked up into him. 

“Tell me what you’re thinking about.” 

There was a command in his words that was anything but gentle. She found the words spilling out on their own. 

“I want you to fuck me. Not make love to me; fuck me. Until I’m begging for more. Until I’m not sure if I want you to stop or keep going. Fuck me like you hate me.”

She threw an arm over her eyes, unable to hold his gaze any longer even as she continued rocking her hips. 

“Is that what you want?” His voice was whisper soft, but she heard that thread of steel underlying them. 


Her half moaned need was cut short by the hand that pressed at her throat. He grabbed her arm and pressed it to the pillow above her head, so she was forced to meet his eyes again. His face had changed to something hard that made her body clench. 

“Oh, you have no idea what I could do to you, little girl.” 

He pressed her thighs open so wide she whined at the stretch. His hand at her throat never let up as he drove his cock so deep she arched at the mingled pain and pleasure. It thrummed through her like a sharp knife that made her body tremble with arousal. 

“I’ll make sure you beg.” He whispered those words hot and heavy in her ear as he fucked her the way she needed. 


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