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“So I read this article about BDSM earlier today that I found interesting.” 

The cup paused on the way to Mere’s mouth as she considered where this conversation was headed. Cynthia was as vanilla as they got when it came to sex, with her shocked expressions at even the mention of any position apart from missionary. Mere was not so straightlaced with her sexual preferences, but it wasn’t something they talked about when they had their weekly get together. 

Mere let the cup finish its trek to her lips, eyeing Cynthia over the edge. She didn’t look shocked, but there was certainly a mix of emotions on her face. 

“So what did you learn?” She sat her cup down carefully, suddenly very curious. 

Cynthia brought out her nook, her lips pinched as she found the article she sought. Obviously she’d wanted to have a much deeper discussion if she’d pulled up the article in public. Mere’s curiosity tripled. 

“Well, it talks about how punishment can be beneficial in a Dominant and submissive relationship. How it “helps” the “sub”. Cynthia’s face was full of confusion. “Why in the world would someone want to be punished?” 

Why was she even interested in this, Mere wondered. There were so many things to dissect in what she’d said it was impossible to know where to start. 

“I think you’re missing the point of submission because it’s not something you do.” Mere rubbed at her face, unsure how much of herself she wanted to reveal to Cynthia. 

The other woman almost looked offended. “I’m very open-minded. Brian mentioned something about wanting to spank my bottom and I didn’t act shocked. That’s why I went searching for information because I wanted to understand why anyone would want to be beat.” 

Mere narrowed her eyes. So, Brian liked a little kink? She’d gotten a Domly vibe off him when Cynthia brought him to a recent party. She’d have to revisit that later. 

“You make it sound like those who submit are being abused. It’s not about abuse, it’s about giving up control and gaining it as well. The person submitting has as much or more control than the person being submitted to. There’s increased communication and openness because you are trusting someone to push your limits and not harm you beyond what you ask to be hurt.” 

Cynthia looked a little confused. “I guess I can understand that, but who wants to be beat?”

“Can you stop saying that?” Mere lifted her eyes to the ceiling and prayed for strength. “I’m never going to be able to truly help you understand why people like to be spanked. The first step is to stop equating it to being forced to do something you don’t want to. Many find the act of being spanked incredibly pleasurable because there’s freedom in the pain.” 

Cynthia looked thoughtful at that. “Is that what being punished does for the sub?”

Mere was doing a terrible job explaining herself. She tried a different route. 

“So I remember… I mean in a story I read recently, the girl made a mistake.” 

“What kind of mistake?” Cynthia interrupted. 

“The mistake itself doesn’t matter, just that it happened and she was going to be punished.” Mere waited to see if Cynthia would say anything else. When no interruption came, she continued. “She was instructed by her Dadd… er, her dom to place clothespins on her labia during a spanking.” 

Cynthia’s gasp made her pause. “Why would she agree to that?”

Mere sighed, trying to explain in a way that made sense. “Because even though she could say no, she wanted to do this because it pleased him and it allowed her to find control by giving him control.” 

Cynthia opened her mouth, but Mere held up her hand. 

“Have you made a mistake and instead of it going away, it lingered and mentally crippled you?”

That got her attention. “Well, yes.”

“Well, this girl made a mistake and by putting on those clothespins and letting him spank her, the mistake was forgiven and she didn’t have to think or fret over it anymore.”

Cynthia made a noise of understanding. It was another beat before she asked, “What happened? The spanking, will you tell me how she felt?” 

Mere shifted in her seat, reliving the moment like it just happened. “He pulled her over his lap after she placed the clothespins. It started slow, his hand skimming her body, tapping to warm her bottom up. While each fall of his hand hurt, it also transformed into something else. She could feel it between her thighs, hot and heavy. It became a blend of pleasure and pain that had her lifting her bottom up to meet each stroke. Her cries became moans until she was begging. When he stopped, she was wiggly with need. He asked if she’d make that mistake again, his fingertips caressing between her thighs at the same time. He waited for her agreement before touching her until she came on his lap, releasing the clothespins as he did. She was boneless and forgiven in that moment.”

“Did she do it again?” Cynthia’s breathless question drew her out of the memory. 

“No. But she wasn’t perfect so odds were she’d end up over his lap again.”

Cynthia wide eyed gaze made Mere chuckle. “You’d think she’d never misbehave again.” 

“Sometimes it’s hard not to be sassy.” Mere knew it was hard for her. “But she submitted to it because she knew it would grant her freedom from guilt and personal frustration as well as pleasing her Dom.” 

There was a long pause where they were both lost in their own worlds. Mere was thinking about her Dom and the gift of her submission, what giving herself to him really meant. She knew she did a poor job of conveying that to Cynthia; how much that care and control meant to her. 

“So you think I should let Brian spank me? To add some sexiness to things?”

Mere blinked at Cynthia. Is that what she got out of that? Adding sexiness? She definitely did a bad job of communicating if that’s what she got out of their talk. If she didn’t look so damn earnest, Mere would’ve scoffed at her question. 

“You know, I think the best thing to do next is talk to Brian. You may find you’d like trying a few things.”

Cynthia nodded. “I think I’ll do that. That story really opened my eyes. Can you tell me what book you read? I’d love to read the whole thing.”

The story of Mere, she thought as she felt her whole body flush. Chapter one: Daddy knows best. 

“Er… I’ve forgotten the title, but there are others I can recommend.” Mere’s face burned hotter. “I’ll bring them along next week.” 

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  1. Nick

    Sounds like Mere may be giving some help in the future to her friend Cynthia.
    Maybe even practical education?

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  2. Kayla Lords

    THAT’S how I can explain it to the vanillas. I read it in a “book!” Ironically, that’s a phrase my mother and I exchange all the time and had I said that my “knowledge” about sex had come from books (instead of practice, lol), she probably would have accepted that answer when I outed myself.

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      Cara Thereon

      Hahaha I’ve never had anyone directly ask though I’ve been in conversations where it’s come up.

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